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I am very suspect of the headcover you are thinking of purchasing (the first one). It looks like nothing more than an OTR headcover that someone stitched a circle t on. The one that is yours (the second one) looks legit.
I have the Titleist x86 as well and it is a great bag, very light and comfortable. Sun Mountain makes Titleist bags so you can't go wrong with them either.
Here is my current setup.
Last winter in Colorado I played a few times per month. There was a streatch of about 6 weeks where there was too much snow on the ground to play. As long as it over 45° outside and there isn't snow on the fairways and greens I will play.
A full 52° wedge will get me 100 yards from the fairway, if I am in the rough I will use a 3/4 PW.
Thanks for posting your experience. I live in Colorado Springs as was thinking about volunteering for the US Senior Open at the Broadmoor this year but missed the opportunity to sign up. I am planning on volunteering for the US Women's Open which comes here in 2011.
By far, the short game is the most important in my opinion. Really from 80 yards in most shots are wasted. Spend time on the range with your wedges, practicing full shots, 3/4 and half shots, get your distances down so when you are on the course and you have 60 yards to the hole you know what club you need to use and how much of a swing to put on it. Finally work on putting. There is always room for improvement here. I spend twice the amount of time on the practice...
Right now I have a picture I took of my 009 for my desktop.
Check out thecameroncollector.com for more information on collecting Camerons. There are some collectors who have incredibly rare Camerons that they choose not to game for obvious reasons, but many collectors, including myself, game most everything they have.
GOLF RELATED: -Putters - I have quite a few SC, Ping, TPM -Golf Balls - From courses I have played and tournaments I have attended -Putter Headcovers (for my putter collection of course) -Golf Bags - My wife can't seem to understand this one. She equates my golf bags to her purses , oh well. OTHER: -Antique Cameras -Cigars -Books
New Posts  All Forums: