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I got everything for free, but I bought a bag so the most expensive thing is the bag itself lol.
My bag is mixed, but it's only because I got everything for free. Long story short, my uncle loves to buy golf equipment and then hand it down to me. The only thing I bought was my bag lol. My driver, 3 wood and irons are Ping. I have a cameron putter, cleveland cg 11 54, and a ping g5 LW.
Found the new ones. Other than the MP-67, they are releasing the MX-25 and MX-19. Pix below... MX-19 MX-25 (pic attached)
Looks nice. What are the other irons they're releasing?
I tried the taylormade rescue and was having some issues. I switched to Ping and love it. Best bet is to try them all at your local shop and buy the one you feel most comfortable with.
I agree. I have the same shoes and they're awesome. Kind of pricey, but you get what you pay for. I wish my regular shoes were this comfy.
Sam Snead. JK. :-p I don't really know who I swing like, really. I'm still learning so I can't say. :-p
Depends, but it's been raining like crazy here so I just practice my form in the mirror haha. Usually, I'll go 3-5 times a week and hit 1-2 of the largest buckets they have. I just don't go to hit balls though. I always have some kind of goal when I'm hitting.
I think Natalie Gulbis is ok, but not hot. She's better than most women golfers, but that's not saying much. I like Christie Kerr though. :o
Grosse Point Blank! :-p Welcome to the boards. Good luck with everything.
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