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I actually bought the polka dot pair before this high school golf season started: Btw, I won both meets I wore them in shooting 35, and a 37. Winning helps make the joking around easier.
My goal is to win 7 out of 8 of our conference individually 5 out of 8 as a team Win Conference Win Sectionals Place At State Get a + Handicap
I'm looking for getting a new golf bag for Christmas. I was surfing through the net trying to find some nice looking stand bags. The Taylormade TMX stand bag caught my eye. I think it looks great, but I'm wondering if the white will get dirty easily. If it does it would be a major turnoff. Just curious to see if anyone has had prior experiences with this bag to see how you like it. Here's a link http://www.taylormadegolf.com/accessories_bags.asp Thanks, Lane
Shot a 79 today, not bad when its 35 degrees with a 40mph wind with gusts up to 60 and its in a snowstorm/icestorm.
Usually I hit driver off the tee and if its reachable I usually always go for the green in two, unless their is a large water hazard I don't think I can carry. If that's the situation I will lay up to a full swing wedge distance.
If its under 160 yards with favorable conditions I usually aim right at the pin, but if its really windy or their is a lot of trouble I just try to get on the middle of the green.
This is the Cubs' year to win it, this is probably the best chance they've ever had. Look at the starting lineup: Dempster, Big Z, Harden, and Lilly. The Bullpen is stacked too: Howry, Jeff Samardzija, Marmol, and Wood. The starting lineup is great too. I'll be surprised if this isn't the year, because if this is not, then when will it be?
Welcome to the sandtrap, where are you located in Eastern Iowa? I'm in Delhi, which is about 10 mins from Manchester.
Haha yeah, it was a last minute resort kinda thing. He knew all the people that worked at the clubhouse and they frequently checked up on me. And no, mom was not to be told of this.
One day, when I was six, my mom was out of the country on a business trip and my dad had a golf tournament. So instead of hiring a babysitter or having the neighbors watch me, he took me to the putting green and gave me a jr. pitching wedge and a putter. Haha. I spent about five hours that day on the green and I had fun and wanted to go golfing more often. So whenever my dad had tournaments he just took me to the putting green and gave me a wedge and a putter, until I...
New Posts  All Forums: