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To every generation a choice such as this is posed, be it Betty or Veronica, Bailey or Jennifer, or Lana or Lois.
This prototype may come to that store near you, but don't hold your breath for that midnight opening just yet. Drool away.
You're right the new stuff is not necessarity better just better. That said, knowing what is coming down the pipe could help one negotiate a better price or await an imminent price reduction. Had I known of update for early 2008 I would not have purchased a new 5-wood in wood in October. (I saw that the Canadian price was identical to the American so I snapped it up.) It was my first golf purchase in 16 years and I was excited. Now, more informed, but addicted, it...
Better off for Callaway than something else. A little while ago, I borrowed a friend's 56° (13° bounce I recall) and found them versatile in various conditions. They are suited to someone with a good short game. Its pedigree was clearly that of RC.
Crosby had a good game last night - his first in Western Canada, in Gretz's old place, no less - and led the Penguins' comeback against the Oilers with 3 assists.
Some of it has been available for a few weeks in places where it is summer now. It never hurts to take a peek at the new gear (except perhaps one's wallet.) The FT-i Squareway Woods stand out for me, lkely because of the shape and colour. The other items in the the FT line, well, let's just say they're not the Adrianna Lima of golf clubs.
It's a rush! I like both iron sets. The MX-25 feels so soft and lovely. My distance was greater with the Callaway, but dispersion was tighter with the Mizuno. At address and overall, the MX-25 looked fine. Strangely, at address I see only the ball and not the club.
My mother's business partner. Before I started, he gave me 3 golf books and I was tested, particularly on etiquette, before being allowed to step foot on the grounds, let alone play (that came after instruction.)
My grandfather, soon to be 99, was born 4 months after the 1908 Series. That is a long time.
Blair O'Neal or Anna Rawson are two who stand apart. As far as girl-next-door cute, it's Morgan Pressel over Paula Creamer by a mile. I do not find Creamer and Gulbis attractive. The hottest professional golfer is not much of a claim. With very few exceptions, friends of mine, and many more women with whom I ride the subway, blow the doors off any golfer I've seen.
New Posts  All Forums: