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Here are the face on and down the line views of my swing with a 7 iron. I went to see a PGA teaching professional a few weeks ago and he spotted a few things, which I've been working on. Before seeing the pro, I would pick my arms up after making contact instead of following through (my backswing, he said, looked fine). Also, he let me know that my stance was too wide and that was limiting my body rotation. Face On Down The Line
I use a Sun Mountain to go with my C-130 bag.
I have the Sun Mountain C-130 bag and the Sun Mountain SpeedCart V1. They work great together.
I have an HDTV and HD programming. All sports look a lot better in HD.
I like blade putters more than mallets. They look better to me. Besides, I haven't seen a mallet putter that you can use to flip the ball into the air like you can with a blade.
Considering there's ESPN and ESPN2, CSPAN and CSPAN2, MTV and MTV2, etc., it shouldn't be long before there's a Golf Channel 2 (GC2?). The ideal way would be golf on-demand, where you can choose a player or a hole and only watch that.
I usually drink Coors Light. If I'm not drinking Coors Light, then it's Blue Moon, Guinness, or occasionally Sam Adams. Every once in a while, I'll try something new when I feel like it.
Has anyone tried these before? They're supposed to help you find your lost ball. Target has a 4-in-1 set that has
I'm thinking about getting a GPS and I'm having a hard time deciding. I'm leaning towards the Garmin GolfLogix because I've had other Garmin GPS products in the past and have been very satisfied. Although, I do like that the SkyCaddie allows you to position the location of the pin on the green instead of only choosing between front, middle, and back. I don't want to spend more than $300 unless I'm getting a lot more for my money. Everyone that responded to my Push/Pull...
Add one more vote for the Sun Mountain C-130. I have a Sun Mountain C-130 bag and love it.
New Posts  All Forums: