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Seriously, it does not take a pro to regrip a set of irons. If nothing else YouTube it for instructions and save yourself some money. I used to do with 2 sided tape and lighter fluid. Save yourself some $$. BTW, great get on the MP14's.
2 things I look for in a putter is feel and length.  For feel I like a putter with a swingweight of at least D0 to D2 with an insert.  The swingweight range will vary from C5 to D6.  A heavier feeling head for me offers better distance control.   I have used a Bulls Eye for years and recently switched to Ping Anser 2 Scottsdale with a swingweight of D0 and 34".  I am less concerned about loft and lie.  This is one of the most subjective club purchases you will make next...
Good point, but it is easier said than done. Thinking ahead is something I need to work on eliminating.
The good thing is you noticed your uneven divots and your ball path to ask about the lie. Your lie change will make a big difference in your game. So many golfers buy irons off the rack and never have them fitted. I agree spot check your 3 or 4 and 9 too, but I am guessing those will be adjusted to match your 6. The 6 iron is the typical fitting club.
I just had the DG Spinner W+ shafts installed in my 2 Mizuno MP R12's 52* and 56* by The Golf Works. I play mostly on Champion Bramuda greens which can be fairly hard at times. I will report back once I get a chance to put them in play. I have the S300's in my irons so there should not be much adjustment.
Ditto. Curious to know what you decide.
Having played 6 rounds with the 69's I would not want to make that call yet one way or the other as the 32's are great clubs. However, I like the design of the 69's better. Both stll deliver that buttery feel on solid contact, but if you made me choose 1 I would pick the 69's. If it were me I would get your 32's refurbished at The Golf Works, get a set of 69's and keep your 32's as a back up set. My son plays with my 32's ( though he now thinks they belong to him). ...
I was going to ask what ball you were using also, but I would personally get the proper shafts to change ball flights rather than using a particular ball. I base my ball type on putting feel and short game performance. What are the lofts set to on those irons? I am not familiar with them. I use the S300's in my Mizuno's and I get great penetrating ball flight. Not sure why the S300's would perform any different in your Wilson Staff's unless the lofts are set...
I don't know how much a cavity back club can be adjusted for lie, but going from regular lie to 3* upright is asking a lot for a non- forged iron. I am also making a guess that Ping stiff is really a firm which is somewhere between a stiff and regular. Adding a 1/2" will change the swing weight some. What swing weight did the fitter recommend? Ping irons are typically around D0. Just some things to think about. Just as important as a proper fitting is getting lessons...
I have been playing Titleist since the balata days. I have tried many other brands, but have always come back to Titleist. I agree with several of the above posts that one should select a ball from the putter / short game back to the longer shots. Depending upon the greens I play and time of year I will change from V1X to V1. I like them both, but most rounds are with the V1X.
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