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I thought it was outstanding - a real page turner with great characters and story. Well worth the $ - I know Gary's been providing free copies but I'd encourage anyone interested to pay for it... gotta support our fellow Sandtrappers. :-)   (And it may be coincidence, but I played 3 of my best rounds in years after reading it - I think some of the mental game advice from the Jack character sunk in.)
Through Amazon onto my Kindle - is there another way?
Downloaded the free sample, then downloaded the whole thing. Really enjoying it.
"I've played in one where the player whose drive was selected did not get to play the second shot, cutting 18 swings per group out of the round."   That probably speeds things up in most cases, but not when there's only one decent golfer in the group. You end up usually using the decent golfer's drive, so only the 3 duffers hit the next shot. That removes the chance for the decent golfer to get the 2nd shot somewhere near the green, and instead the 3 duffers either top...
 No the difference between par and course rating is they are two completely different concepts. Not sure why you think we need to throw away par and just use course rating, since they're 2 different things.
 What he's saying is, consider a course that has 18 holes that are all 340-yard par 4s with wide fairways, no bunkers and no water hazards. That's a par 72, but a scratch golfer is not going to shoot a 72.  He's going to get a lot of birdies on those short par 4s. So the course rating is going to be a lot lower than 72. I.e., the course rating depends on the difficulty of the course, not the par.
 That +27 is for 2 rounds, so it's actually worse than that. He's a good golfer, based on what I saw on Big Break.  Sounds like the pressure of his first PGA event just got to him. From his twitter feed, on the first round: "Well friends, not too much I can say except I'm only human and I lost my mental focus after a tough first 2 holes. I'm embarrassed but ok... It was the worst round of my professional career. I just didn't want to let anyone down and that thinking got...
 Good find. And the other thing a lot of people get wrong (including probably Dan himself) is that Gladwell's contention is not "If you put 10,000 hours in, you will be an expert".  He's actually saying "All of the experts have 10,000 hours in." Or in logician's terms, 10,000 hours is a necessary but not sufficient condition to being an expert.  Many people are under the impression that if Dan does not reach expert level after 10,000 hours, he will have disproven the...
 Hey Brandon, Hmm, well I was thinking the author was talking about a single set of trees that were in play on both holes, which would therefore mean something between the 2 holes - but you could be right in your interpretation of 2 different sets of trees. Although the description "skinny cypress" tree doesn't match the one on the right of the 8th fairway you're talking about.  (It's Bill, not Sam btw - but no worries.) Great point by Rick above - marking trees GUR...
 Yep, and wanting them cut down even more so.  If you don't like trees, play a links course.
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