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 True - I guess they figure you wouldn't know someone else's GHIN number (unless you're a club chairman or something, in which case you'd have a right to see someone's actual round dates), and if you're looking up by GHIN then you're looking up your own.
 It has nothing to do with social graces, bizarre or otherwise. Courses group people together simply because they're throwing money away if they don't.  If the course is slow that day and an introvert asks to go out on their own, the course will probably let them.  Otherwise, it's silly to expect a busy course to give a single a block all to himself when there are paying customers they could put with the single. If the single doesn't like it he can comeback when it's not...
 Chevy Chase: And now with tonight's commentary; Miss Emily Litella.Emily Litella: Thank you, Cheddar. Now what's all this talk about violins on tv? I think we need more violins and less of that loud rock music. And furthermore...Chevy Chase: Uh, excuse me; Miss Litella. It's violence on TV, not violins.Emily Litella: Oh. Never mind.
This has been sated before in other ways, but I think the value of Dan's experiment boils down to whether we're saying 10,000 hours is sufficient, or necessary. I think the original theory is saying that 10,000 hours is necessary, in that top performers have put in that amount of time. But it's not necessarily sufficient, especially if you don't have the natural ability also required.
 It isn't just you. I'm a single digit handicap off mats.
 Totally understandable, but there are lots of ways to gauge whether you're improving other than total score. Some options are: - Get an official handicap. (Which allows for unfinished holes, as David in FL alluded to.)- Learn how the handicap numbers work and then keep track of your own handicap unofficially.- Keep track of how many times you are having to pick up and mark an X.- Keep track of how many pars you get.- Track stats like fairways hit, greens hit in...
 So someone else's phone can do the measuring, that person can report the measurement to you, and that's ok? See what I'm saying? Edit: Oh, I see MeFree cited the decision on this - wind speed and direction from an app are allowed anyway, so this is a moot point.
 Yes, but weather apps report information that was obtained via measuring. It's a pretty fine line.
 A lot of celebrity golfers have vanity caps. It is known. (GoT reference for y'all)  Looking up his scores doesn't prove anything though - those scores can be the results of mulligans, gimmes, or completely made up for all we know. The fact that he's a 1 who shoots in the 80's in pro tournaments is telling. I'm not saying it wasn't nerves, or a bad day or two, I'm just saying it's not a stretch to believe some of these celebrity athletes' handicaps are not accurate.
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