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 I get your main point and agree with it, but just wanted to point out there's a discrepancy in the bolded statements. You're saying an extra 20 yards on the same line is the same accuracy, but then also saying that 20 fewer yards on the same line is more accurate. Other than that small nitpick, great post.
I enjoy Gilbert's unique insights.
Talk to me when you've shot 46-63 on the front/back 9's on the same round.  That's what I shot my last time out.
 Yep, that about covers it.  Maybe add a Mike's Hard Lemonade or Angry Orchard into the mix.
For desktops/laptops, I say it has been true, and still is, based on what I've heard and read. Do you dispute the data in the link I provided, which shows 91.49% Windows vs 6.74% OS X?  Or do you dispute that hackers prefer to target the higher numbers? Why is this off topic? I thought the topic was hackers gaining access to nude photos.
  I was thinking in terms of desktops/laptops, not mobile devices. For the former category, what I said is true. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_operating_systems). For mmobile devices though, you're right - it's closer to 50/50.  Many businesses use PC based software and servers, and there are certainly a great number of such PCs being used to store and manipulate sensitive data.  In fact using a cash register is a great example of that - data breaches...
 Apple products in general experience fewer security issues, but that's not necessarily because their security is any better than PCs. It's primarily because hackers generally target PCs - there are so many more targets in that space. 
I thought it was outstanding - a real page turner with great characters and story. Well worth the $ - I know Gary's been providing free copies but I'd encourage anyone interested to pay for it... gotta support our fellow Sandtrappers. :-)   (And it may be coincidence, but I played 3 of my best rounds in years after reading it - I think some of the mental game advice from the Jack character sunk in.)
Through Amazon onto my Kindle - is there another way?
Downloaded the free sample, then downloaded the whole thing. Really enjoying it.
New Posts  All Forums: