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 It isn't just you. I'm a single digit handicap off mats.
 Totally understandable, but there are lots of ways to gauge whether you're improving other than total score. Some options are: - Get an official handicap. (Which allows for unfinished holes, as David in FL alluded to.)- Learn how the handicap numbers work and then keep track of your own handicap unofficially.- Keep track of how many times you are having to pick up and mark an X.- Keep track of how many pars you get.- Track stats like fairways hit, greens hit in...
 So someone else's phone can do the measuring, that person can report the measurement to you, and that's ok? See what I'm saying? Edit: Oh, I see MeFree cited the decision on this - wind speed and direction from an app are allowed anyway, so this is a moot point.
 Yes, but weather apps report information that was obtained via measuring. It's a pretty fine line.
 A lot of celebrity golfers have vanity caps. It is known. (GoT reference for y'all)  Looking up his scores doesn't prove anything though - those scores can be the results of mulligans, gimmes, or completely made up for all we know. The fact that he's a 1 who shoots in the 80's in pro tournaments is telling. I'm not saying it wasn't nerves, or a bad day or two, I'm just saying it's not a stretch to believe some of these celebrity athletes' handicaps are not accurate.
Nothing on the top 100, but played 3 of the top 100 public, and all in one trip to Maui/Kauai in 2010:   Prince Makai Wailea Gold   I intend to cross these off within the next few years:   Edgewood Pasatiempo Pebble Kapalua Plantation Bandon (all) Coeur D'Alene    
  Yep, I get that the odds of holing 3 putts in a row, if each has a 50% chance of going in, is (0.5)3. I've just never understood how to differentiate when you'd use the combined odds from when you'd use the single occurrence odds. In the OP's case for example, the odds of each individual putt is > 50%, so it seems to me that, just as in your flipping a coin 99 times, no matter how many putts he might've missed or made before a certain point, the likelihood that he would...
 I'm not sure what side I fall on overall, but I don't see a problem with that specific point.  Yes, we still have uninsured, but there are theoretically fewer of them. And with the penalties being paid, the ones that are still uninsured are helping to subsidize the insured.
 Getting 100% of his material at the expense of the GOP has nothing to do with the fact that he's simply not funny, IMO.
  This brings up something I've always been confused about with respect to statistics. Intuitively, I agree that overall the likelihood is that one of the three putts will be missed. But from what little I remember about stats, previous results have no bearing on the next. If that's true, and if the likelihood of each putt taken on its own is > 50%, then shouldn't all 3 be one-putts? I know I'm missing something but not sure what...
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