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 4 hour round? I wish! :-)
 I heard an interview with the author in which he was asked whether it bothered him that they changed so much from the book. His response was something along the lines of, "Not really - they changed so much that it's pretty much an entirely different story, so they can't even be compared."
 Yes, that was my experience. I have a Bushnell that can be set in different modes. One mode displays the farthest object it scans (so you can lase a deer through the brush or tree branches), another displays the closest object (so you can sweep across the flag and it will register it instead of background tress and other objects.) There's a 3rd mode but I forget what it does...
Saw that too. Kept waiting for the "Not legal under the rules of golf" disclaimer read in the super fast voice.
   I don't think the OP meant he went all the way back to the actual tee box for his next shot, nor that he teed it up. Since his tee shot only went 10 yards, I read "headed for the tee..." as meaning he headed back towards the tee to play his next shot from the correct spot, 10 yards in front of where he teed off. I could be wrong, hopefully the OP will chime in to clarify.  Agreed. It's interesting though: Lately I've run into many people who think it's a 2 shot penalty...
 Totally. I also expected that having so much importance on finding a lost ball would tend to bog the pace down, but it wasn't any slower than I'm used to for these types of tournaments.
I played in a charity tournament last weekend.  The format was four-person team best ball: Each player plays their own ball all the way to the hole, and the combined 2 best scores on each hole count as the team score. They threw in an added twist that I'd never heard of before which turned out to be quite fun: Each team was given a special ball (they were of various bright colors to help distinguish them, but were basically cheap regulation balls), and each person on the...
Good job man.
  I'm with you on this one.   I saw a "Playing Lessons with the Pros" where someone was doing this - Ian Poulter I think.
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