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  In MEfree's defense I didn't take his post that way. He was just saying you're the only one he knows dong it the way that particular response from USGA said to do it.
  Exactly.  It's not any more reasonable to predict par+handicap for an unplayed hole as it is to predict par+handicap+2 for an unfinished hole where you're still on the tee box after your first ball is OB.  Yep. In my experience writing to the hotline, it's been difficult to communicate, and to get them to answer the questions I've asked if it involved more than just quoting the manual.  It doesn't seem that the hotline is necessarily manned by experts. Certainly if...
 As far as that goes, the answer is going to depend on the person. I'd rather pay by the ball since I'm a slow, methodical range hitter. It would be less economical for me to pay per time slice, but it would be more economical for a scrape-and-hit, scrape-and-hit practicer.
 Re the last part being debatable: I guess, but I bet if a poll was done the overwhelming majority would rather drive a cart around a golf course selling beverages than work in fast food. Re the rest, ok. But like I said before, I wasn't trying to say it's ok to not tip the cart girl, just agreeing with those saying it's kind of strange that the expectation is to tip them as much as if they were a food server in a restaurant  Right, I covered that when I...
 But face it, fast food employees also work harder than cart girls. Food servers do more work than fast food employees, but they are compensated in the form of tips. Fast food workers work harder than cart girls, but they are compensated in the form of higher base pay. I guess the above can be debated, but I don't think you can debate that driving around in a cart all day, even if the weather isn't ideal, is a lot easier than fast food work. That's my main point.
 A typical McDonald's employee spends 7 or 8 hours on their feet in a hot, greasy kitchen environment and/or has to deal with a bunch of customers who aren't out necessarily in the good moods that most people out playing golf are in.  Yet, again, they aren't tipped. And on chilly days there aren't going to be as many golfers out there to sell to in the first place. Not saying either job is easy, and not saying you shouldn't tip the cart girl, just saying I think there are...
 Yeah... I'm probably too insensitive in general, but by the same token there are a lot of people who are *overly* sensitive.  (Unfortunately most overly sensitive people feel their amount of sensitivity is exactly the right amount, so anything less is insensitive.)
 Yeah, that's how I took it as well. The rates they're offering are over 50% off of the regular rates, so it seems they're losing money on this, not "profiting from a tragedy". They just wanted to commemorate the day. It was probably a PR error to just give a discount instead of charging the regular rate and donating the difference to some charity or foundation (in fact they have since said that they will honor the discount *and* donate the difference to the 9/11 memorial...
  So why do they do it? I always thought it was to save time. (No need to hit a provisional if you have the opportunity to drop, and more likely to give up the search early.)     It may not be in accordance with the definition of a lateral hazard, but it's not silliness to improve pace of play, is it? 
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