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I'm going to start using it to describe my playing partners' bad shots. I'm going to be reeeaaal popular.
  Exactly. It's like he's saying, "Doesn't he know it would've been better to have MADE that putt instead of missing it?!"
  My wife and I love to parrot him when he says "What a misTAKE!"   He says that a lot...
  I agree with what you wrote there. Where I disagree with Fourputt is that I don't think you *also* have the option of scoring it as an unplayed hole. To sum up:   - I think the hole must be scored as unfinished. - bkuehn thinks the hole must be scored as unplayed. - Fourputt thinks you have the option of either.   Email to USGA sent, we'll see what they have to say.     I'd be interested in perusing that thread if you have a link - perhaps it will enlighten me.
  You said one of the options was to pick up and not finish the hole, and estimate what you would've most likely scored if you had finished:     bkuehn said if you quit in the middle of a hole, it's not an unfinished hole, it's an unplayed hole and you'd take par + handicap strokes:     Those statements cannot both be true.
  Indeed, in fact if the man had won you could say there was an asterisk next to his name if you felt the women's tees had not been moved *up* enough.   My main point though is that you can never know for sure that you've properly equalized men and women, so I'd prefer if they didn't try. (By using two-person male/female teams, for example.) 
    Yep, well aware of that.    I'm just trying to figure out what would be an example of an "unfinished hole" (other than a conceded stroke, since the rule above distinguishes the two), where you would estimate your most likely score, that *is* still played under the "principles of the rules of golf" and is therefore not covered under the "unplayed hole" rule?     But exercising the rule in match play is all about conceded strokes. The rule differentiates between...
  To be clear, that's what I'm saying. Fourputt is saying that no, you also have the option of just taking par + any handicap strokes for that hole. 
  First, I didn't correct you, I only challenged what you wrote. That's why I was careful to use phrases like "I wouldn't think...", and "It seems..."   Second, so you're saying that if someone doesn't go back and hit again on a lost ball then they are not playing under the principles of the rules of golf?  Well, isn't the same true if they fail to hole out a 6" putt? Yet you wouldn't take par + handicap strokes in that scenario - you'd take whatever you're lying before...
  Courses don't have the authority to change the rules of golf like that (not even with a local rule), but if you're playing in a league or tournament where everyone else is doing it, you'll obviously have to as well.   If you're not playing in a league or tournament, but need to adhere to this policy to not get kicked off the course, at least add 2 strokes. That would be closer to doing it right than only adding one. (Since if you did it right by going back and replaying...
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