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  What's worse is when someone moves over in front of me when there wasn't a bloody soul in front of them in their lane for miles. Happens to me at least once a week.     If I'm going faster than the cars in the right lane and will eventually be clear of them with an opportunity to move back over and let the cars behind me by, then yeah it's a douche move for someone to be right on my bumper. But I would never intentionally go the same speed as the car next to me when I...
  Agreed - but I interpreted the OP as saying the tees had all been moved but not yet given a new rating. Usually if some tees are moved back then others are moved forward and it all averages out - but since it sounded like *all* the tees were back I assumed they were reconfiguring the course somehow. I guess I'm unclear on the nature of the tee movement.     Yep, I assume that's why the tables specify adjusting from the closest set of rated tees (which would be the...
And I have a lot more chip-ins than I thought.
  There's nothing in the tables Dormie linked about a "significant" distance change being necessary before changing the rating and slope. Anything more than 11 yards (over the entire course, not one hole) does so.
I bet the percentage of celebrity divorces is a lot higher than 50... or maybe we just hear about them more?
  Had to pass along one of the comments from that article:     I don't think the face painting and ribbons is why they lost (they've won many times since they started doing that), but still thought that was funny.
Ok, I've had some back-and-forth with the USGA Handicap Administration - here's the summary.   My original question was this:     The response was that they “would recommend utilizing Par Plus with this scenario.  Essentially, in starting the hole with a penalty it would be difficult to determine your Most Likely Score”.   I replied asking if the rationale for that was to prevent sandbagging, because it didn’t seem accurate to use Par Plus since that is effectively...
  Yeah, not a flattering article, especially the part where rules officials allowed players to use the practice green during the Colonial round, Overton assumed that somehow meant *all* rules were off the table, so blames officials for his DQ for use of a training aid. Then says that DQ was what kept him out of the PGA Championship. No Jeff, being 154th in OWGR (when you needed to be top 100), and being 113 in the money standings (when you needed to be top 70) is what...
  They actually provide that on the site - in each Code's page there's a link to "Principal Changes".   http://simplegolfrules.com/CodeOne/?showfile=CodeOnePrincipalChanges.html http://simplegolfrules.com/CodeTwo/?showfile=CodeTwoPrincipalChanges.html
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