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  So why do they do it? I always thought it was to save time. (No need to hit a provisional if you have the opportunity to drop, and more likely to give up the search early.)     It may not be in accordance with the definition of a lateral hazard, but it's not silliness to improve pace of play, is it? 
Hi all, nice to be part of the group (thanks for the invite Brandon). I'm up for an outing any time. I'm in Sacramento and concur with most of the reviews of the area courses, and will add a couple things:   Turkey Creek has always been glacially slow. I haven't played there in a couple years but it still has that reputation.   Haggin Oaks is one of my favorite courses. (They have two courses there - I'm referring to the Alister Mackenzie, not Arcade Creek. The...
Guess who just became my favorite golfer on the Tour.
  Not sure if that's true, would have to do the math, but...   Just to be clear to those who might not have checked out that link, they aren't all reset to zero - each player gets their points reset based on the standings at the time.   If the points were not reset in some way, someone could win it all without even playing in the last tournament (if they had a big enough lead). I think that happened in the early years of the Cup, so they've tweaked it since then to try to...
  Yep, what GD said, plus I'll add that the new laws were *not* "semantics for things we already knew", in the sense that not many people knew that club face determined starting direction and swing path determined flight path - most believed the opposite until recent years.     Agreed, you need to filter out the cockiness to enjoy the article, but once you do that it's interesting.
    I think Brandel has a lot of good insights in that article, but this is a tad disingenuous, at best:  
  That's all fine, but that's not what we're talking about. You said this:     You didn't say anything there about being stuck behind a slow guy. You said you intentionally go the same speed as the guy next to you, Don't do that please.
  I hear ya, but in my experience, no matter how clueless the desk person is they're going to try to put singles and twosomes together.
  Actually you can negate *all* the blind spots. But that doesn't mean the guy next to you knows how to do that.  And even he does, you're still taking away that emergency maneuvering option from both of you.
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