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Ok, I've had some back-and-forth with the USGA Handicap Administration - here's the summary.   My original question was this:     The response was that they “would recommend utilizing Par Plus with this scenario.  Essentially, in starting the hole with a penalty it would be difficult to determine your Most Likely Score”.   I replied asking if the rationale for that was to prevent sandbagging, because it didn’t seem accurate to use Par Plus since that is effectively...
  Yeah, not a flattering article, especially the part where rules officials allowed players to use the practice green during the Colonial round, Overton assumed that somehow meant *all* rules were off the table, so blames officials for his DQ for use of a training aid. Then says that DQ was what kept him out of the PGA Championship. No Jeff, being 154th in OWGR (when you needed to be top 100), and being 113 in the money standings (when you needed to be top 70) is what...
  They actually provide that on the site - in each Code's page there's a link to "Principal Changes".   http://simplegolfrules.com/CodeOne/?showfile=CodeOnePrincipalChanges.html http://simplegolfrules.com/CodeTwo/?showfile=CodeTwoPrincipalChanges.html
Something I find interesting about the rule we're discussing, which is 14-4:   "If a player’s club strikes the ball more than once in the course of a stroke, the player must count the stroke and add a penalty stroke, making two strokes in all."   When playing a bunker shot, the club usually strikes only the sand, not the ball. So based on the wording above, I wouldn't think hitting the ball with your club as it comes out of the sand would be a penalty. As I...
That would drive me crazy until I got to the bottom of it, but then I'm a numbers nerd.   (And it might be only 0.2 off now, but if there's an error who knows how big it could get at any given time.)
I'm going to start using it to describe my playing partners' bad shots. I'm going to be reeeaaal popular.
  Exactly. It's like he's saying, "Doesn't he know it would've been better to have MADE that putt instead of missing it?!"
  My wife and I love to parrot him when he says "What a misTAKE!"   He says that a lot...
  I agree with what you wrote there. Where I disagree with Fourputt is that I don't think you *also* have the option of scoring it as an unplayed hole. To sum up:   - I think the hole must be scored as unfinished. - bkuehn thinks the hole must be scored as unplayed. - Fourputt thinks you have the option of either.   Email to USGA sent, we'll see what they have to say.     I'd be interested in perusing that thread if you have a link - perhaps it will enlighten me.
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