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FWIW, the greens on No. 2 in 2005 were just fine a few days after the 2005 US Open. I believe that the issue here is that if you push these greens to 13-14 on the stimp, they are mostly "unapproachable". I don't know about 1999. dave
I took another spin at this just for grins. Another stat that I generate from the data that I collect is "up/downs with par putting". I look at all the shots that are not on the green but are within x yards of the pin. If the next shot is not on the green then it is a 0% up/down. If it is (for example) on the green and 6' from the pin I look at my putting table which says that I should average 1.6 strokes to hole out. That converts to a 40% up/down. If I am within 5' my...
Tim Herron in shorts comes to mind. dave
FWIW, I have noticed in my own putting data that I putt short putts measureably better when they are second putts (typically a par putt for a pro) vs. first putts (typically a birdie putt for a pro). I assume that this is because I have additional information about speed and break on second putts. I wonder how much this might affect the referenced data. dave
I have some data relevant to this conversation. I use my own "home-brewed" stats system (MS Access based) and this doesn't represent all the stats that I generate. But I have listed some of the ones that fit in this conversation. First a couple of definitions. Error at Par - how far you are from the pin after 1 stroke on a par 3, 2 on a par 4, and 3 on a par 5. This is independent of position (20 yards from the pin on the green or in a bunker - it is just 20...
The cost of local golf play is kind of a local thing. But from an equipment perspective, you need to go the used route. Stuff is WAY cheaper used. ebay, the various 'for sale' forums on boards like this, Play it Again Sports, some amazing finds show up occasionally at Salvation Army type stores, etc. Good luck. dave
I haven't read Zen Golf (maybe I should - I am not a pariticularly good putter). However I am pretty confident of two related things. 1) The mechanics that "I just use" in throwing a ball underhanded to someone is "naturally correct". Just focus on doing it and it will mostly do well. 2) The mechanics that "I just use" when putting (or hitting a full shot for that matter) is not "naturally correct". Just focusing on doing it will not generate anything close to good...
FWIW, a soft feel on a full shot is different than a soft feel on a 'low clubhead speed' shot (putt, chip, etc). One doesn't necessarily imply the other. dave
Two balls that I really liked but quit playing because they were no longer made ... Strata Tour Ultimate (despite a cover with the durability of wet tissue paper) Callaway HX Red (the Blue was a great ball around the greens but I found it a bit short off the tee) dave
If you really were coming into the ball with an angle of attack of -22 degrees, you probably wouldn't even be seeing the ball get off the ground. 5 degrees positive angle of attack would be really good - level can be very workable and very slightly negative is not a killer (but also not optimum). IIRC, Tiger hits his driver with a slightly negative angle of attack. dave
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