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Here is what the rules say. Same thing at course I play regularly. # 2 a dogleg left par 5 runs parallel to hole #4. Its out of bounds for either hole. There is another hole on the back that is the same way. The course if a firing range though. You really need a hard hat out there.
Sign me up for sure. Slow play has got to stop. Today was the worst round of golf I've suffered through in a long time. It was at the course Eric just posted the review of. Eaglesticks in zanesville, ohio. We had a group of 12 guys with our first tee time at 9:30. Now I understand its a holiday so we all expected some slow play. I tee off in the first group at almost 9:30 on the dot. We finally pull up to the club house at 3:30. A 6 hour round on a short...
Most common lie has to be " Honey I'll be working late again tonight " I also agree with the par 5 hopefuls. If you only hit your drive 220 no way you're smoking that 3 wood 310 to the hole. Hit the ball already. In our tuesday night league the first hole on the back 9 is a 410 yard par 4 with a tight fairway that runs downhill into a creek about 90 yards from the geen. My opponet tops his tee shot about 50 yards, hits his second and advances the ball another 50...
Remember the Memorial tournament in 2004. The course was loaded up with them. Didn't seem to effect the tournament too much. They really don't bother you too much unless you start shaking tree limbs. Then they just climb all over you. Nohting to worry about really.
I know the feeling for sure. Luckily my wife works for an insurance company in town and they have a deal where they can get range tickets for half price. Thats helps out quite a bit.
Played in our 9 hole league last tuesday. Shot 41 with 20 putts!! I definitely think my ball is afraid of the dark. I really feel like I'm making a good stroke but I just can't find the bottom of the cup.
Small (25-30) $4.00 Medium (75-80) $7.00 Large (125-130) $9.00 Jumbo (175-180) $11.00 This is the only stand alone range within about 45 minutes of us. They have a practice green and 2 bunkers you can hit from. Place is always packed. You can get a seasonal membership for $300
The oil can finish is made to wear off the clubs. After that they will start to rust a little bit. If you hit enough balls the face should stay fairly clean. If you dont care for the rust look, a little steel wool should clean it up.
Here you go. http://www.titleist.com/historical_c...ory.asp?cat=if Should find some help here.
I'd bet there are probably some pretty decent side bets going on that don't get covered in the news. I'd say it must mean alot for these guys to be there playing, otherwise would tiger not be out with his ailing father instead of a simple club rivalry?
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