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I am looking at switching to graphite myself. (bad left wrist that comes and goes)   I currently am playing with Callaway x hot steel regular.   I picked up a graphite x2 hot 6 iron, regular flex and seem to be pushing everything right with it (my normal miss is left with my steel shafts), so I am going to have to be fitted for shafts before I make any change. Drives me nuts because I love the ball flight with the x2 - a bit longer and much higher trajectory.
I have seen similiar shenanigans from best buy in the past.my business partner ordered a cheap laptop last year. When delivered, the box was full of water. They claimed to be out of stock when he put in for a replacement, but for an extra $100, he could buy the same thing in store.I really try not to shop there, but I have to walk through one every other week to see one of my customers and I know that one day I will forget to leave my cash at home and pounce on one of...
There is no *net double bogey rule*   For ESC purposes (explanations for this are all over the site), the highest score you can post on a hole on your course is an 8 (whether it is a par 3.4 or 5)   your index looks about right from the stats you give.
So much hatred for a man who actually had the balls to speak his mind.    Bishop being removed is one of the biggest travesties in golf history and anyone that does not agree is nothing more than a lil girl!!!
correct again, but february of 2006 is (technically) more than 8 years ago
technically, his first was over 8 years ago  - but definitely someone with more than tommy boy in that period
It has a ton of merit - tommy boy and belicheat have ZERO rings since being caught in spygate. Why were the tapes destroyed so fast?. Goodell has a lot more to answer for other than Ray Rice. Not only should he be fired, he should probably be locked up for a few years also. I would put peyton as the 2nd greatest QB over the last 7 -8 years. Second to his brother who is the only QB with 2 Super Bowl rings in that time.
honestly, it may eventually but I dont care. At thia point I am out to reduce my scores.our club used to have a rule that you had to be 55 to play in tourneys from the golds, now the only rule is 75% of my posted rounds have to be from there.we are just preparing for next year at this point. My last rounds from the whites will be played during the last few tourneys this year.
4 rounds into moving up a set of tees, I have finally broken 90 at my home course.   Going from 6600 to 6000 yards and the game is a bit more fun.   Shot an 89 vs my normal avg of 98 from the whites, 22% GIR vs, normal 4%, 5 pars and 1 bird vs normal avg of 1.5 per round, 78% fairway compared to a 60% average and 1.7 putts vs my avg of 1.9.   Overall it has been a success for everyone in my group, including a 23 index that shot a 40 on the back yesterday (too bad he...
Really getting into Californication on netflix. Glad my wife has her cult meetings because apparently she does not appreciate the show.
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