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Club Championship this past weekend. Let's just say with all the rain the days before the tourney - the course would have been shut down if it wasnt for the championship. They opened the range Saturday morning, but could not open it on Sunday.   Day one, a real solid front 9 - could not miss a putt and finished the front with a 46 (course handicap is 23 so i was not feeling bad) - a couple of triples on the back and I finished at 98 and tied for 3rd in my flight.   Day...
And Jeter ends his career with a walk off RBI single.   May be a meaningless game for the yanks, but as his most likely last at bat, this guy is just clutch.
It is easy to try hard when going for something, but how many fail once they reach the majors? If you are not good enough, nobody cares. Dont hate because your hero may or may not have used PEDS (allegedy) Your boston disillusionment is really starting to show in this thread.
Possibly the greatest all around player in my lifetime. It goes deeper than geek stats - great player, great role model and always gave it his all. Bernie was my favorite of the group, but it is going to be a bit odd with someone else as SS next year.
 Th purpose of an adjustable club is that it can be fitted for you, and if your game changes - you can be fitted again without buying another club. Do not be afraid of 21st century technology - it wont hurt you.
I bought the regular x hot irons about a year ago and am much more consistent with them than I was my previous Titleist AP1s.   I recently picked up a grapite x2 hot 6 iron to see if graphite would benefit me. In my limited playing time with the x2, the sound is beautiful when well struck, but I have not seen a huge difference between the x hot and x2 hot at this point.
Do not try to kiss me, but try wiziwig.tv Video isnt perfect, sound is generally ok. But as a disclaimer, do not download any players from that site. You will have to find the *x* on the ads covering the screen to lose them. I run it through chromecast onto my tv and is bearable if i put picture in picture on with whatever other game is televised locally - I only run into problems when doing this while my wife is watching netflix or streaming music on her laptop.
At my home course, my handicap tends to drop a bit during the first 2 weeks after being aerated.   Reason being, they are usually aerated on a Tuesday and by Friday we have had enough evening rain that the sand is gone.   At my course that means slower greens with next to no break. It is nice to actually putt downhill instead of touching the ball and hoping it stops less than 10 feet past the hole.   I tend to putt worse as the greens speed up until I adjust...
in the past I have received an email 2-3 weeks later to do the survey. I am thinking of waiting to play mine until the survey comes in so I remember what happened.
Got some in the mail today.   Didnt think I would since I answered Bridgestone 330-RX for my current ball in the recent survey they sent me.
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