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probably a good thing that I am self employed and contract myself out. ;)
in today's job market, I would expect employees to look out for themselves first. Companies are always going to try to find a way to cut costs and lay offs always make stock prices go up.In my situation, people only want me for my contacts. After a year or two, they will always feel that they can keep 90% of them with cheaper labor. That is why I refuse to accept a position that requires a non - compete clause. Their product isn't what got them a customer, it was me.
join the club, went from a 91 on Friday where I could do little wrong (so glad I doubled the last hole or a chunked pitch shot on #2 would have cost me breaking 90) to a 101 on Saturday where nothing worked.of course friday was played at my own pace and saturday I waited on every shot.
I have e-cigarettes that do the same thing (you can even vape while charging your phone)   I wonder if Erik would consider this a golf item if I flood the marketplace with the ton of battery back ups we cant sell.
The one at my local Dick's provided value when I took up the game. Honestly, he went above and beyond. Unfortunately for them, I receive stuff much cheaper (with equal service) from my pro shop at the club than I can anywhere else (other than close-outs, which I rarely buy)
menu - My TOUR - pretty much all settings are in there
I personally like the Titleist setup with the sleeve where loft and open/close face are independent. I had good luck with the Titleist 910 + 913 - just try to get fit for the appropriate shaft - it made a huge difference for me.
Buy an adjustable driver, then you will have the best of all worlds.
Mine arrived today - i was amazed that it made it because the label was totally unreadable.
Thank you @mvmac !   My only swing thought of the day and only one thin and 2 fat shots - both after beer #7.   If i wasnt directionally challenged, it wouldve been my best round of the year.
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