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Do not try to kiss me, but try wiziwig.tv Video isnt perfect, sound is generally ok. But as a disclaimer, do not download any players from that site. You will have to find the *x* on the ads covering the screen to lose them. I run it through chromecast onto my tv and is bearable if i put picture in picture on with whatever other game is televised locally - I only run into problems when doing this while my wife is watching netflix or streaming music on her laptop.
At my home course, my handicap tends to drop a bit during the first 2 weeks after being aerated.   Reason being, they are usually aerated on a Tuesday and by Friday we have had enough evening rain that the sand is gone.   At my course that means slower greens with next to no break. It is nice to actually putt downhill instead of touching the ball and hoping it stops less than 10 feet past the hole.   I tend to putt worse as the greens speed up until I adjust...
in the past I have received an email 2-3 weeks later to do the survey. I am thinking of waiting to play mine until the survey comes in so I remember what happened.
Got some in the mail today.   Didnt think I would since I answered Bridgestone 330-RX for my current ball in the recent survey they sent me.
your memory is failing you in your old age phil. If I were anchoring (which I am not), no laws are being broken. Hell, I would not even be breaking any rules at this point.Golf carts are considered motor vehicles, and if you are letting a kid drive it anywhere other than your farm, you are breaking the law.
Let's not sensationalize this story and pretend that the kid is actually paying the fine instead of the parents. I don't care where the kid was driving it - if it was in a public place, he is less than half the legal driving age. Parenting like this is exactly why such a huge percentage of *parents* are doing nothing more than raising future criminals.
I would have locked the kid up, just to make sure that his parents smartened up.    Kids driving carts are possibly the most annoying thing i see on the course.   If they can bust us for being drunk in a cart, an underage driver needs to be taught a serious lesson.
Which Galaxy? The note 4 is going to have a 5.7 inch screen and the note edge is going to be 5.6, with a small side screen. I really want the edge, but will probably settle for the note 4. I believe the s5 is 5.1, my current note 2 is 5.5.
3 for me.   Was paired with the (then) GM of the club during our *beat the pro* tournament.   Shotgun start and started on one of our shortest par 4s.   Hooked 3 OOB left, put up a 9 on the hole and spent the remaining 17 holes with only skins to play for.
it is not a stroke. didnt find the exact rule, but this is pretty close   14/1.5 Intent to Strike Ball Ceases During Downswing; Club Not Stopped But Path of Clubhead Altered to Avoid Striking Ball Q.A player begins his downswing with the intention of striking the ball but decides during the downswing not to strike the ball. The player is unable to stop the club before it reaches the ball, but he is able to swing intentionally over the top of the ball. Is the player...
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