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 Superior to what? winning ONE super bowl since then - quite a few teams have done that and one has even won TWO.
on that i disagree, because *belicheat* is more likely true than *everyone else was doing it, but the world wants to pick on us* and one that i will never get tied of - *18-1*
which pretty much makes them guilty. the whole new england chant of *everyone is doing it, we are the only ones dumb enough to get caught* is weak and old at this point
If it wasnt cheating, no draft pick would have been lost and the fines would not have existed, they were fortunate enough that goodell was in on it by destroying the tapes.  If a real deflateglate investigation takes place and belicheat and co are found innocent, then they will have their first legitimate super bowl win.
Right, because the pats were docked draft picks and owner and coach fined for nothing - keep drinking the kool-aid..........
shopfortyone.com for some of the cheaper ones, plus the shipping is a lot less on that site - sizes are a bit limited, but a good way to start cheap
They have to learn somewhere and it would definitely be better than a full length course the first time. Take him out to the range once and all should be good.   Too much range time for newbies is overrated. I hit the range every day for 3 months before I played my first round and the range could do little to prepare me for that day.
I am not even sure if I own a pair of jeans anymore - if I do, I havent worn them in over 10 years.   i wear khakis to work and nothing but Loudmouth shorts/pants for golf - i'll even occasionally wear them to work just to get a rise out of my customers (on the road all day)   Jeans are not allowed at my club, nor at most of the courses around here - but a newbie at the club will usually make the mistake once - no one will say anything about it, but the person will...
First watch I have worn in years. Also a true phone when away from my phone.  
Another niece is sending Flat Stanley down for a visit - i really hope this one behaves better than the one her older sister sent years ago........  
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