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4 rounds into moving up a set of tees, I have finally broken 90 at my home course.   Going from 6600 to 6000 yards and the game is a bit more fun.   Shot an 89 vs my normal avg of 98 from the whites, 22% GIR vs, normal 4%, 5 pars and 1 bird vs normal avg of 1.5 per round, 78% fairway compared to a 60% average and 1.7 putts vs my avg of 1.9.   Overall it has been a success for everyone in my group, including a 23 index that shot a 40 on the back yesterday (too bad he...
Really getting into Californication on netflix. Glad my wife has her cult meetings because apparently she does not appreciate the show.
What i am reading is a conditional 2nd-4th round pick - I could see a contender making that deal, but during rex ryans firing tour - it makes little sense.
I was wondering what the jets were thinking, at 1-6 their season is over (even in a weak division)
100% on.I recently convinced my group (all 19-24 index) to move up a setf of tees. The club used to have a rule that you had to be over 55 to play in the tournaments fron the golds. That rule seems to have disappeared over the last couple of years, so we can all now hit the ball like crap and still have a shot of breaking 90.we have gone from playing a 6600 yard course to a 6000 one and the scores go down as the HC rises, so we get the best of both worlds.
In my 6 way divider Callaway x hot staff bag                                  (back)   driver, putter                        5 wood, 9 wood   5,6,7 irons                            8,9 irons   Niblick SW, PW                   37* Niblick, AW, 58*                                   (front)
The only news I get is whatever Anthony Cumia has on that day.    Even though years ago he said *you dont watch CNN for dick jokes, dont listen to us for hard hitting news* (after an obvious joke led to their escape from boston)
Royals - because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
I will never know, the only time I do not start the day with a monster rehad is when i am playing. Figure it wont mix well with the beer I will get during the first couple of holes.
Club Championship this past weekend. Let's just say with all the rain the days before the tourney - the course would have been shut down if it wasnt for the championship. They opened the range Saturday morning, but could not open it on Sunday.   Day one, a real solid front 9 - could not miss a putt and finished the front with a 46 (course handicap is 23 so i was not feeling bad) - a couple of triples on the back and I finished at 98 and tied for 3rd in my flight.   Day...
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