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menu - My TOUR - pretty much all settings are in there
I personally like the Titleist setup with the sleeve where loft and open/close face are independent. I had good luck with the Titleist 910 + 913 - just try to get fit for the appropriate shaft - it made a huge difference for me.
Buy an adjustable driver, then you will have the best of all worlds.
Mine arrived today - i was amazed that it made it because the label was totally unreadable.
Thank you @mvmac !   My only swing thought of the day and only one thin and 2 fat shots - both after beer #7.   If i wasnt directionally challenged, it wouldve been my best round of the year.
Loudmouth Golf has a couple styles of hats on sale right now for $12.50
Did anyone catch the small article in July's Golf digest?   Apparently a couple of drinks putting you at the legal drunk limit can improve distance off the tee while you may not hit it quite as straight.   Doubling up on that appears to decrease distance again - but it kind of validates my experience that a couple of beers can improve a round, while a bit too much can shove it back downhill again.
You can always move - i doubt many of us were born in these hick states.
I will at least come close if i do not make it - was at 49 rounds at the half-way point for the year.
Depends on the speed of the round - if i see the cart girl a 3rd time before 18, my ball striking can tend to be a bit off
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