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Rained out 4 times in a row, with 2 more times possible.
Let's hope there are no copy-cats.......   http://nypost.com/2015/07/28/a-mystery-man-has-been-pooping-in-golf-holes-for-a-decade/   A mystery man has been pooping in golf holes for a decade By Kyle Schnitzer   Hole-in-one? No. 2 in the hole is more like it. For the past decade, a Norwegian golf course has been dealing with a serial pooper –who decides to leave dirty toilet paper and feces at the bottom of holes. UPI reported Stavanger Golf Club, a scenic...
Bardmoor in Largo - non resident $75/morning, $50 after 1 is the closest one I know much about.   If you are willing to drive a bit, World Woods and Brooksville Country Club in Brooksville (both fairly cheap this time of year), Bloomingdale Golf Club in Valrico or Bobby Jones in Sarasota.
Anything from the first 2-3 seasons, like anything else, once sponsors get seriously involved -  all goes downhill.   Personally, I think the show was better when it was based on Bart, instead of all the old men trying to imitate homer.   The show needs to die, but the networks are too gun shy to let a new show really grow. Family guy is getting weak too. The best show currently on Sunday night is *Bob's Burgers*
Brutal rain down here for the past week ( i was rained out yesterday and today which never happens)  and those courses that do not drain well will be in rough shape - give us a town you are visiting and a radius you are willing to drive and i can help a bit.
I think the west coast of FL dominants over the east coast on here
Not going to disagree with you but that ship has sailed. Go with the arm lock, has worked even better for me - but if too many do it, the crying will begin all over again that we *have an advantage*
All good erik, the 5 year old macbook I picked up dirt cheap blows away my one year old pc
So u proved the fact that I am *dumb as a box of rocks* ;)
Not going to lie, I am fairly new to the whole mac thing and an android phone user, so I may not fully know the difference,
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