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Welcome to the forum @PGABobDailey. Do me a favor and slap Noah upside the head next time you see him!
First impressions on the E6 were good today - lets see if it continues the next couple of rounds
  Nice ball, great value for price Pros: Good feel, a step up from most balls in this price range Cons: Close to a premium ball, but just misses I was sent a box of the Callaway Chrome Soft Balls for the purpose of writing this review.   First impressions of this ball were great. My normal ball is the Bridgestone RX 330 and this one felt comparable for a few less dollars. Unfortunately during my test rounds, Florida weather was not what we consider normal. This...
Future reference - teetimesusa.com. A bit pricey, but a decent amount of real private courses are on there.   I am a member of boxgroove - havent used it yet because it looks like I have to plan too far in advance and those surprise times I have to play are always last minute.
Mine just arrived, never seen UPS show up at my house at 9:15 PM before.
You are watching the wrong free videos, the ones with actual instruction start right away with instruction. The others are 30 something minute sales pitches.Check your spam box, because that is where all the instruction videos went for me.
Am i missing it or does this contraption lack a drink holder?
Seriously considering it. I have swapped out my 5 wood for 9 wood and back several times, but the result is the same - both sit in the bag.   On the holes I do not tee off with my driver, a 3 or 4 hybrid is adequate as the tee shots need to be carefully placed.   At this point, I may just replace the wood with a second, short putter for shots just off of the green or out of bunkers.
Never seems to fail the last few years - our tourneys are always the 2nd Saturday of the month and during the winter it is always the coldest day of the month - teeing off in sub 40 degree weather tomorrow morning. Playing in the mid 50s today will partially prepare me for tomorrow.
My skycaddie touch and the screen is just small enough that I really cant see my total untl I am done (i only really look at the end of each 9)
New Posts  All Forums: