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Still looking for my first. Been playing for just over 7 years. Hady closest chance about a month ago when a 130 yard approach was left 2 inches from the hole. Have played the last 6 years from tees that were too long, but with me getting my group to move up, more GIRs will give me a chance at joining the eagle club.
It is not common, but it should be.
Its kind of funny because the bluetooth worked for my first sync (Samsung Galaxy note 2.)   The funnier part is that the skygolf app is not supposed to be compatible with my phone, for some reason I was able to install it in the beginning, but will not be able to update it when they fix the bluetooth issue.   The worst part was they were supposed to be sent out based on order date.   Once I realized that people who ordered in October already had tracking numbers, I...
A guy was paired up with me and a buddy today.   On the 6th hole he teed about 6 inches in front of the markers.   I could not say a word but it made me think about this thread.   Later in the round, he hit the wrong ball - but I could not say anything because the guy was struggling all day and there was nothing to gain by telling him.
Received my skycaddie touch almost 8 months after I ordered it last week. Hope it was all worth the wait.
Played the Nicklaus course 4th of July weekend - loved the course although i think i was in 19 or 20 bunkers over the course of 18 holes. I remember enjoying the bounces I got on the fairways with every tee shot - but I am pretty sure everything was slanted towards the bunkers.
Drivers (3) Titleist 915 D2 - just got the 913 D2 early this year after my 910 broke, but this may be too tempting   Fairway Woods/Hybrids (3) Titleist 915 F Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid   Irons (3) Callaway Big Bertha - I want that extra 20 yards - a little out of my budget this year   Wedges (2) Titleist Vokey SM5 - with all of the new grind options, this is a no-brainer   Putters (2) Too personal an item for someone to gift   Apparel (3) Loudmouth shorts,...
At my club, the members tend to run these guys out - the offender may try to switch groups - but they generally find themself at another club. The club will never do anything. Once we had to turn in scorecards and the club posted for us - but that solved nothing because guys would not turn in some scores. I know when I play 2 rounds, my best golf is during the middle 18 holes. Tomorrow I have to play 27 in team match play - with the cart girl killing me by the time I have...
ESC is based off of course handicap, not index. Back when I was an 18.5, my course handicap was 21.  Slope is used to determine course handicap, based off of your index. As a low single digit - this is something that you have not experienced.
This may or may not be correct info - as an 18 index , it will be based on the course. Not many play courses with a slope of 113 or less - so that 7 could also be an 8 depending on the course. But those scores over ESC on holes are generally negligible and will rarely affect handicap (for higher handicapped players.) I know with me, it is rare to put up a snowman on anything other than a par 5.  I can see where a single digit would be affected for counting more than double...
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