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What kind of bonus - something like making the differential lower?   I like my strokes and they are well earned - why would anyone want an artificially low handicap because the tournament was *tougher?*
At our club, the champions that get the parking spots are gross from the back tees for the non-seniors and gross from the whites for the seniors.   The rest of us play with our handicap from our normal tees - we can win serious cash, but no parking spot.   The key is, everyone has to choose which tees they are playing from - you play from the whites with handicap and shoot a 59, you can not be the overall champion.   You will see guys changing which tees they signed...
 This would be my question - and will the head alone be available?
Make sure everyone in the group acknowledges that they do not need anything before you leave the group.   My buddies think that it is hilarious to tell every new cart girl that we are all set when I never say no to a couple of beers.   I have to run up to every new girl that we get and let them know that they should never listen to my friends.
Those were the first irons I ever bought - looked too fat for me, were replaced with Titleist AP1s after about 4 months.   Kind of wish I had kept them to see how I would hit them now.........
I sell electronic cigarettes which have not been proven to be hazardous in any way, shape or form. I have a doctor as a customer - so if he is selling them to his patients, they must be ok. Remember, one joint is the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes as far as your lungs go - most pot heads are hypocrites - instead of defending their own product - they attack alcohol and tobacco.
Had an ex coworker leave a real long nasty whining message on my voicemail today.    Apparently he is upset that I am kicking his ass up and down the street.   It feels so good to be missed.
This whole thing is just the tip of the iceberg.   Once the stoners get their way and make pot semi-legal, coke will be the next step. Will the pro-druggies be advocating legal heroin use at that point?   There would be one good purpose to legalizing all of it - thinning the herd. More ODs by dummies, less of my tax dollars supporting them.
I really dislike the rays. In their defense - this may have been the best they could do since there will be a strong crop of starting pitchers this off-season - led by crazy eye scherzer. I personally think price is overrated
probably a good thing that I am self employed and contract myself out. ;)
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