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Day one of our spring member / member was yesterday. Both me and my partner played well, but point totals will never show it. I had a career low 9 during our last match and still only managed to split the points. We went 3-7 and two 5-5s. Two more matches today where if we do not come out strong in the first, we are only playing spoilers for our final match.   Of course the leaders have a 35 course HC on their team and all the low HCs are crying - i've known this guy for...
Not saying apple will be the same, but I tested a golf gps app on my Samsung watch and don't think I got through 9 holes before it died
How do you have this top secret info? Do you personally inspect all footballs in the NFL or are you just another tommy boy fanboy that is crying because his hero is a fraud?
Picked up 2 boxes of Bridgestone e6 balls tonight. Had to go with white since only the white ones came with a free sleeve of 330rx's. With my $10 coupon that is 30 balls for $50.
This cant surprise anyone......   http://nypost.com/2015/05/13/brady-used-deflated-footballs-back-in-2004-opposing-qb/
I would probably use more of the free info on this site before diving into too many training aids. A lot have their good points, but may have some bad points too.   Of all the crap I have bought, the only one that still gets used is my impact bag which i picked up dirt cheap on ebay.
Misrepresenting quotes like only a patsy fan can?
And until they prove they can win without cheating, i am right and just hope all of you set better examples for your kids than *role models* like belicheat and Tommy boy.I will say that my chowd friends from up north have been real quiet the last couple of days and only the truly uneducated are still sticking up for their hero. The majority of them are deeply disappointed in Tommy boy.
Peyton didn't do it, his other coaches did - he was suspended because the NFL said that * he should have had knowledge* - same offense as belicheat. Integrity of the game is just as important, the gamblers don't like fixed games unless they are in on it. Take away gambling and the NFL is about as relevant as soccer.....
Sean Peyton got a year off for stuff he probably had no knowledge of. Belicheat needs to get the same as a repeat offender.   Brady is no better than the roiders in baseball like Ortiz and manram - all of their *rings* will forever have asterisks attached.   Love the text exchanges between the equipment guys - unfortunately, they are going to be the scapegoats in this whole thing.
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