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Obviously a pats fan   http://tbo.com/ap/offbeat2/pro-wrestler-cheats-at-wing-bowl-hides-food-in-fanny-pack-20150130/?page=1
What excuses are the belicheat lovers going to use when seattle gives brady a nice concussion?
I really have no problem with the fee, most courses charge it, a few dont.   I've seen it abused when I follow 2 kids walking with mom driving a cart to watch them - for those that think walking is faster, these people were the poster children of disproving that theory.
I'd like to give it a shot, Bridgestone recommended ball is E6.   http://thesandtrap.com/t/57694/member-review-roll-call/18#post_709474
Actually you are wrong because I would say the NYG are a better team, a classier team and a team that obviously gets bored during the regular season.The patsies have played in a very weak division and have the equivalent of 7 bye weeks a year during much of that time.In baseball terms, the patsies are mr.may while the Giants are mr. October
Seattle 59, belicheat + brady bunch 3
What have the packers done? I see nothing where they tampered with balls during a game. Past history plays a part - the patsies thumb their noses at the rules and have since belicheats evil reign started. Current players - Eli Manning spoke out as have Seattle players - some of the rest are just too afraid (or too drugged up) to open their mouths.
(parts deleted are irrelevant to every sane person) Yeah Goodell, him and kraft are a bit too tight - why the patsies will get away with these shenanigans. Kraft contributes to charities is a big deal? - anyone else who needs a tax write-off does too. Belicheat - saying other teams were taping signals is weak - if belicheat is such a *genius*, why was he the only one caught? (because just like deflating balls, he continued after everyone was told to cut it out) Brady - now...
Eli has always had tommy boys number so he speaks the truth!   http://nypost.com/2015/01/27/eli-manning-strange-tom-brady-knows-so-much-about-his-balls/
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