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I wear my gear s when I play and for some strange reason, the wrist pain I have felt for years is gone. Whether it is in my head or real, I will stick with what is working.
Not sensitive at all, just trying to understand others viewpoints . Shouldn't that be ok on a message board?Bingo!
I am hearing rumors that some seem to think an apple watch is better because it can not take phone calls when out of range of it's phone.    These ideas and viewpoints tend to totally baffle me, so hopefully someone here can explain to me why a watch that is not a separate phone is better than one that is.   For the record, I am no apple hater, nor am i a Samsung fan boy. I love my ipod 5 as much as I like my Samsung note Edge and Samsung Gear S.
Thankfully? Am I at a disadvantage because I can answer a call while leaving my phone home or while walking in the backyard with my phone inside? Mind you, the phones last a lot longer using bluetooth (in my tests, 18 hours with bluetooth and heavy use vs 8 hours without using bluetooth.) Mine is always connected to my phone except when I I walk away from its range. I get that you like apple better but you can not pretend that the watch also being a separate line is not a...
Are the apple watches a separate phone line like the Samsung Gear S?   I will say that the phone battery has been dramatically saved since I got the watch, not a necessity, but a nice luxury.   At least once all the apple peeps get theirs, people will stop asking me about mine.
Our Saturday morning foursomes tend to average 3:15 rounds.   On Fridays, i try to get behind a foursome so I can enjoy a few beers and cigars - if there is no one behind me, I will not tee off until the group in front of me has left the green and will putt until 12-15 minutes have passed their leaving - I am there to escape reality, not to run a race.
Happened to me in last year's club championship with rain that normally would have closed the course.From front bunker plugged into top of back bunker, anywhere I dropped, the ball would have rolled closer to the hole. Looking back, I should have have played the ball backwards out of the bunker - worst case scenario, I would have dug a hole big enough for the ball to roll forward instead of taking the 14 I took on that hole.
x2 hot - they just get the ball up in the air no matter how hard i try to f it up
 Superior to what? winning ONE super bowl since then - quite a few teams have done that and one has even won TWO.
on that i disagree, because *belicheat* is more likely true than *everyone else was doing it, but the world wants to pick on us* and one that i will never get tied of - *18-1*
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