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Just received my Odyssey Metal - X arm lock putter that I had ordered. I will not be putting it into play until I am ousted in our match play tourney that starts next weekend.
in theory, about 1 out of 4 times - but i hear that you guys on the wrong side of the pond only count tournament scores, so you could play to it or better 100% of the time since yours does not move like ours does.
Honestly, one of my all time favorites - the only problem was that they had to finish due to being cancelled so there is a 2 hour movie (that really sucked) that should have been played before the last 10 minutes of the finale. The first couple of seasons, they really caught me off guard - the wife gets a little pissed off when it becomes my go to bed show again since she does not believe in watching shows more than once.
Whether or not single carts are faster or not, what the extra vehicles out there will do to course conditions has to be examined too.   At our club, cart owners are forced to pair up from october or november until april to reduce the damage to the course during non-peak growing weather. (non-cart owners must pair up year round)   I will say our rounds in the winter take just as long as the ones in the summer when you will often see 4 people in 4 carts.
Slight bump up to a 19.4, partially due to over superintendents revenge tourney this weekend (2 four putts on the 1st 3 holes)   Should stay the same through the next revision. However I expect a rise when I change putters after our match play championship.
he forgot the *cries like a woman* part
Well under par if you plan on winning - I am guessing you guys will shoot somewhere from 74-78.
At least I am getting a dozen free balls for the delay.   Hello, Recently we emailed to advise that your Pre-order of the SkyCaddie Touch was delayed due to unforeseen delays with one of our suppliers.  We wanted to inform you that your pre-order will take a little longer to fulfill and deliver. At this time we do not have a firm date of delivery we can provide you, but we will update you on the status of the product on May 5th, unless we are able to fulfill your order...
@jamo  oops, i have the driver cover, not the hybrid .
That will help. This year I got my average rounds up from 1.25 to 2 a week - the best and most fun way to improve.
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