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The TS model will make it a little easier to open the face up (flop shots, etc). I have the non-TS version and I got a T-Grind done on my 60*. It basically makes it a TS club.
I have the 56* and 60* (with a grind from Ping) and I love them. Plenty of stopping power (spin) and great feel.
I have the FP2's and I really like them.
Definitely no need to add a "tree club", you already have a bunch of them. My typical get-out-of-woods-free card is my 6 iron. I aim myself right of my target line and slightly close down the face of the club and focus on making solid contact. Distance needed will dictate how hard I swing. It can be anything from a hard chip to a full swing. I can usually keep it at 5' or less off the ground if I need to and still get a good distance. The hooded club face helps get...
I have a 10.5* driver and a 15* 3W. I went with 20* and 23* for my hybrids but they were to replace my identically lofted 3 (20*) and 4 (23*) irons.
I've driven #4 at my home course once (tee boxes set at 294-center according to GPS), and I've driven on or over #15 three times (tee boxes set around 296-center). Is this my average? No, of course not, but I've done it.
Callaway Tour ix. Distance and spin.
I play it a little forward and up-stroke it.
The cart idea may work, depending on how his leg responds. For me, it makes it worse. If I ride a cart when my leg is hurting, I can't finish the round because it just keeps getting worse.
I fight it in my left leg as well. I always walk when I play, but on the occassion that I did try to ride it made it worse as the muscles never really got a chance to loosen up. If mine starts hurting during a round, it will last about 6-7 holes, then it will magically disappear for the rest of the round. I've fought mine for a 1 1/2 years (I got them playing raquetball). If it doesn't get better, see a doctor. There are two other things it can be: stress fracture or...
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