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I put the R9 3 wood in my bag a couple of months ago. I have found it easy to hit off the fairway. But I love to hit it off the tee. I am, at least for the moment, smitten.
I was given a Taylormade Superfast Driver, 10.5 degree loft, regular flex shaft. I was a bit intimidated by the length of the shaft. I have always read that a shorter shaft provides the opportunity to strike the ball closer to the sweet spot. I was pleased to hit most fairways. Out of 14 swings, I had two mishits. My contact with the ball was pretty good. Perhaps because of its weight, or lack of it, or maybe its look at address; whatever, I felt confident standing...
OK. I'm in your neighborhood in age. You're nuts. Stay with the hybrids.
I remember the "Time Warp!" It was a song and dance from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Wait....that's from the 1970s: a real time warp. Seriously, what a great round. Congratulations.
I have found the Callaway Diablo 3 wood, either the neutral or draw versions (I've tried both), to be the easiest to hit off the ground. I have tried and owned several 3 woods and the Diablo is easy off a hard fairway or light rough. It found a place in my bag.
I think a low lofted hybrid is an excellent choice for chipping around the green. While it does take some practice to get used to, what in golf doesn't? I have had good luck chipping with a seven iron, as well. If the lie is good, I tend to reach for the seven iron. If the lie is in any way questionable, I have found the hybrid quite effective.
Charcoal grilled chicken salad made with grilled bone in chicken breasts, grilled vidalia onion chopped fine, boiled eggs(one per breast), mayo, salt and pepper. Yum.
I just realized this fellow posted this thread several times: very bad form. These threads should be closed and this fellow censured for making himself a nuisance.
This is so very jeunot. Name calling is pointless but, this is beyond pointless. If you disagree with someone a clever, pointed response may be in order; a childish outburst becomes not even a child.
I replaced all my fairway woods with hybrids a couple of years ago, including substituting a 16 degree hybrid for my 15 degree 3 wood. I figured that I would gain consistency at the expense of only a little distance. I was right. That set up worked for me. This year, I demoed a Callaway Diablo 3 wood. With a loft of 16 degrees, it was as easy to hit as my hybrid. Because it had a longer shaft, I hit it somewhat further than my shorter shafted hybrid. Bingo! A 3...
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