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I would just try on the polo's before I would purchase them, because in my opinion no one looks sleek in a baggy polo. I would just try to fine the size that fits. I know in my case I wear a small or even an extra small.
I'm a shorty compared to this forum. I am only 5'8 and I weigh 135 pounds.
I was 110 yards away from the a back left pin. I was in rough behind three trees. I hit the ball over the second tree with a nice little draw. I ran out to see the ball stop dead 2 feet from the pin.
Well I'm number 8 on my varsity team and my average is like 41, and our number 1 average's like 38
I played there a couple of years ago, and I really liked it, it was a challenge, but with good shot making the course was a lot of fun
I use my sand wedge and pitching wedge for the most part. I used to use my lob wedge, and I found that it was much easier to use less loft.
Yes this summer has been terrible all it does is rain, I live outside of Pittsburgh, and you might as well call it England, because its either raining or about to rain.
Some golf balls, my wallet, cell phone, ipod, extra towel, pencils, divot tools, a sweater vest because the ladies love them, rain gear, and water or a fanta.
I hate it when I don't wear a hat. It throws me off, and it doesn't help i have wavy long hair straight from the 70's. So the hair gets in my line of sight, if i don't have a hat on.
I went from a 77 to 97 one time. The 97 round i blew up on the back and shot a 52 or something.
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