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Dare we ask what kind of performing you will be doing?
Thanks everyone for your replies so far. I look forward to more. I also forgot to add an option of "Makes No Difference". I'm in this group. Either the weekend or a weekday doesn't bother me. My wife on the other hand prefers weekday so golf isn't cutting into "our" together time. I played in a scramble this year that had 144 people or more. I know there was a team of 3 and a team of 5 and then a couple teams that showed up that had previously said they wouldn't make it...
I usually carry 12-18. Well I start with that many. It's hard telling how many I end with. Sometimes that number is half or double depending on how the round goes and how many I find on the course. I try to start with about a dozen new balls still in their sleeves and then I have about a half dozen or more from the round(s) before.
If you were to play in a golf outing, most likely a 4 "man" scrammble, which of the poll options would you prefer the tournament be set up. Weekday Morning Tee Times Weekday Morning Shotgun Start Weekend Morning Tee Times Weekend Morning Shotgun Start Would any of the options keep you from playing?
I seen that too. I'll agree.
Am I missing something? How do they know Obama will win? Did McCain drop out and I just haven't heard? I'd have to hear his exact comment to decide but I don't see how his response was racist. Or are you talking about the original question being racist? I'd say the original question is a little on the racist side.
I'm not even sure that most of my family votes Democrat. I know for sure that my grandma always voted Republican. I was related to a former State Speaker of the House. His name was Vern Riffe. He is the longest serving Speaker of the House in Ohio. He served as Speaker for 20 years. He was from Portsmouth (Southern Ohio). When you enter Scioto County there's a sign that says "Welcome to Vern Riffe Country". Sadly he passed away before I could meet him. He snuck out of my...
That's interesting. I'm not sure if they can vote in Ohio or not. Looking at the voter registration you can't vote if you are incarcerated for a felony but it doesn't say anything about being out and being a felon. I just talked with my county board of elections and found out that I'm not listed. I voted back in 2004 but have since moved out of the county. I don't remember being asked if I wanted to register to vote at the BMV. So I have to re-register. I sure hope they...
The most I've ever drank on the course was 2. That was earlier this year. I just don't see how being drunk on the golf course is worth it. I work to hard to make the money to pay for the round to drink too much and not get to enjoy the time. Most of the time I play I have a jug of water and a couple of Gatorades.
It's not just kids that do this. Have you ever been in a business meeting trying to "teach" "adults" something and have them ignore you? I have. I was running a meeting and teaching some people how to use a new system and half of them were ignoring me and the other half were responding to e-mails on their blackberries. Including the head of the department. Goes right along with the quote below. Once again Julie has the answer.
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