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I just ordered some shirts from TGW and added a two ball sleeve of the Nike Vapors for $3.49 at the checkpout. I am looking forward to trying them.
Just to clarify, the Zip is a low compression ball (actually a zero compression core, hence the name Zip) which is what helps in reducing a slice. The spin comes from the softer cover. When I played them I had spin around the greens due to the soft cover and a lot less side spin off the driver due to the low compression core. My normal slices where more of a fade. The e5+ is designed for spin but the e6+ is designed to fly longer and straighter. The best thing is to do...
No reviews but Hireko sells junior clubs. Check out their forums as there was at least one thread dealing with the junior clubs.
Austad's has them and if you look around you can find some good coupon codes.
I found that the Bridgestone e6+ is pretty good at reducing side spin and making the ball track better when slicing, but no ball will eliminate it. I tried the Toprock Straights a few years ago and they where absolutely no help in getting the ball straight. I would also recommend the Wilson Staff 50 or the Zip as inexpensive quality balls to try.
I really like them and they are a great value. Great feel and putt well. For me they play as well or better than Bridgestone e5+ or Titleist NXT Tour.
The .msi file is a Windows application that will install the software on your desktop and then install files to the phone when it's synced. The desktop Software is great for tracking and breaking down your rounds and the mobile software is great for keeping score. I have only used the scorecard feature as I do not have a GPS enabled PDA.
I would recommend the Wison Staff Zip. Very long, great greenside control, and putts like a dream. The sell anywhere between $20~25 a dozen. My local Walmart sells them for 18.88 a dozen.
My wife had the same problem starting out, anything over her 4H went about 150 yards. She worked on ball position and swing with each club and now she's getting varied distances of around 10 yards a club and shes hitting 185+ yards with her driver.
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