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Yes, now you are getting it. That is EXACTLY what I said. Verbatim. No, wait... Where the hell did I say that? Should I use smaller words so you can figure it out?
He should not have let his game or his body get that bad in the first place. But I will give him some kudos for losing the 80 pounds through diet and exercise. I didn't think he had the dedication or discipline to... Wait, how did he lose that weight again? Yeah, by the ignorant masses. Mainly the types that shout, "Get in the hole!" every chance they get but also by the ignorant fans on the message boards too. He life is a train wreck. Scratch that, a series of...
Finally people are catching on. He has been given second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth... chances and because of his 'everyman' personallity he has gotten away with this crap again and again. He is not an everyman. No one has gotten the opportunities he has and pissed them away as much as he has. He is pathetic and he is bad for golf. Everyone cross your fingers and hopes he makes another mistake soon so Finchem can ban his ass again.
No, it doesn't. But Stevie wasn't the only one doing it. Every single caddie and some players layed or dropped the flag on the ground. It may be technically the wrong thing to do but no one read that much in to it. Besides, one of the purposes of the tournament was to honor service members - people with more of a right to complain about flag treament than the rest of us - and I didn't see any of them feeling less honored due to the flag touching the ground. Way to...
I will definitely go again next year but probably just stay for the practice, pro-am, and first round. Now that I have seen Tiger I really don't want to fight the insane crowds on a 3-day weekend. So chances are I will be posting again in about a year about having a pass available for the last 3 days... :)
I got here on Tuesday and these first three days have been great. I took a few dozen pics and will try to post the best when I get home and have a chance to edit them and post them online. It is my first tournament but won't be my last. Tuesday is definately the day to go - You can take pics, the players are relaxed, and other than around Tiger there are no people.
Weekly is an embarrassment to golf and the tour. It is one thing to be yourself and to be considered an everyman. It is another thing to purposely act stupid and to even relish in it. And his antics were a bit over the top, although even I will cut him a bit of slack due to this being the Ryder Cup. As for the argument that “European's act like jerks during the Cup so we can to”. Well that is about the lamest, most immature argument you can come up with. Grow up...
This game is hard enough for beginners. Telling them to use old equipment and bad balls will do nothing to grow the game. Sure, very few may find benefits in the long run, but many won't. Even worse, many would just quit, especially beginners that started later in life and don't have the hand/eye coordination or the time required to learn while using unforgiving equipment. That said, obsessing over equipment can be a bad thing. Most players won't benefit by...
It is bad enough golfers fans who don't know what etiquette is, but now they have to put up with camera men that can't follow the rules? And Woods is not the only golfer that swears after bad shots or distractions. I have no problem with what he did or what he said, and in the end he blamed himself for not winning, not the photographer.
Advil works wonders for me. It is the only over the counter medicine that helps my back, and I have frequent back pain.
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