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Diamana BB 63 S and also have Diamana Kai'li 70S
A few more. This is my current bag setup. G15 with Kai'li or Rapture V2 with BB Ping G10 fairways 3 and 5 Ping Hybrids Scratch TD irons Scratch 1018 53 Vokey 60 Cally Napa or Black Series #9
A few more. You can only submit a max of 3 per post right?
Some random pic's of my clubs:
When sending in the putter, do you send them the entire putter or just the head? I know they have to pull the shaft to work on the head so am curious if they send it back completely installed or just the head. That black oxide finish in all matte looks pretty awesome. Thanks !!
I have the original and hit the new one's on the range. I can't tell a difference, but that's me. They are great irons.
If you hit the PX's good, liked the ball flight and distance then I don't know if I would change. I have a set of 57's with DG R300 and a set of AP2's with PX's 5.5. I like the PX's better because they are lighter and the ball fly's higher and further for me. If you hit the ball high to start, you might not like the PX's. I'd take your time hitting both shafts so you aren't disappointed in what you end up getting.
When in doubt, just get a set of both like I did, lol. I bought MP57's a year ago and played with them all summer. Picked up a set up AP2's a month or so ago and am playing them now. Both gread Company's and great sets of irons. I'm preferring the AP2's over my 57's because of what they do for my game. They are a lot more forgiving (which anyone can use) and fly higher and further. Ya, I like the look of the 57's better, but looks don't shoot in the 70's;...
I've got a set of AP2's and MP57's. You won't go wrong with either as they are both great. I have found the AP2's to be more forgiving and produce a higher ball flight, plus they are easier to hit out of the rough. Try out a bunch of brands and go with what you like the best. Good luck.
The forged one's look nice, only con is the lofts on them are very different, go check it out on Cobra's website.
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