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maybe it's that awful white color... try painting it black
agreed... they shred like crazy, but felt great. maybe a touch harder, but very close, and MUCH, MUCH more durable... I have one sleeve left and will pick up another dozen or two soon.I have only played the 330 Rx for 1/2 a round... certainly the V2 will loose a little spin from urethane balls, but it's the next best thing. To me the V2 is a slightly longer, slightly cheaper NXT Tour.
Course Management! Mainly just playing more golf will improve this... but a few of the big mistakes I see most high cappers make are as follows... 1) trying to make up for a bad shot with a miracle shot 2) picking a club based on the 1/5 shots that they actually hit that well 3) planning... plan for the next shot 4) knowing your game and limitations - don't play a shot you have 10% chance of pulling off 5) wasted strokes around the green
Most courses will have several tee boxes and most courses in that area aren't overly tricked up (T-road and the Pit being 2 exceptions). July is a good time since it is VERY hot and most courses are little cheaper at this time. I would definately try to have everyone play at least one Donald Ross course... Pinehurst #2 and Pine Needles being the BIG 2, but Southern Pines is a much more affordable option if you want to sample a classic Donald Ross course... and it is...
When are you going next month? We will be there June 15 and 16, and maybe another day depending on our schedules. Any idea what 2 you might work in... I have heard Longleaf is pretty nice as well as Little River I absolutely loved that course... I have heard Mid-Pines is fantastic as well. One of these days I'll go back and play both along with Pinehurst #2.
Lost Golf Balls is a bit cheaper and has the same stuff... FWIW
I wasn't insinuating you would... just trying to draw a line for the OP in case he was actually thinking of making a playbook from this thread. Sometimes people actually follow discussion board advice.
Anyone have some good ideas for 2-man golf betting games... I am about a 10 now and he is around a 5... we do a lot of Nassua match or stroke play with him giving me strokes. Once in a while we do straight up skins with carry-overs and/or greenies. Just looking for a few more ideas. Note: we are going on a little 4 round, two day trip, and if anyone has any ideas on a small 72 hole bet... please share.
I am going to play Tobacco Road, Anderson Creek, and Foxfire East and West. I only live about 2 hrs away and I am taking a trip with a golf buddy to play 4 rounds and stay one night. I have already played a few in the area... Pine Needles, Southern Pines, Whispering Pines, Legacy Golf Links, Tot Hill Farm. Anyone played any of those four or have any comments on the Pinehurst / Sandhills area. I know T-road is pretty wild and most hate or love it, but even those who...
I love playing with a few guys who can talk some sh___. Nothing is more fun than trash talk during golf, you just have to know when to back off... as long as it's all in good fun and your opponent can take it. Just mention something about his swing... "are you trying to take the club back more inside, it sure looks like your swing is a little more flat today." Some of these enter the realm of being an ass in my book. I think getting in someone's head with a comment...
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