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The UST Axivcore Tour Green is going to run you about $140 new plus roughly twenty dollars for reshafting costs.
Although it is mechanically correct, there are certainly ways to swing a golf club efficiently without keeping the left arm straight at impact. I believe the most significant example is Retief Goosen, who strikes the ball with a relatively loose left arm at impact. Although it may cause inconsistencies in ball striking for some players, there are far more vital fundamentals that account for consistent and accurate ballstriking.
Just as it applies to almost any skill set in golf, repetition is the predecessor of confidence. You have to learn to feel creative shots over and over in order to gain a confidence for hitting them. For example, I spend hours around the chipping green hitting the most ridiculous shots you could ever imagine. Plugged lies, flop shots, balls resting up against the collar, etc etc. If you hit these shots over and over you will gain, at the very least, a little bit of feel...
When I try to create a little cut, I try to make sure that my right hand never turns over my left for as long as possible through impact. As far as alignment, I line my feet up where i wanna start it and the clubface where i want the ball to end up. ANd then I try to execute to the greatest of my lacking abilities
During a high school tournament, I completely bladed a 3 iron off the tee. It his the side of a bench 50 yards up and ended up behind me talk about embarassing Recently during another tournament, I pushed a 3 wood way right into some trees. Thinking i was in jail, I walked up to the ball and got my distance (135 with about a 20 mph direct headwind). The only shot i had was a punch under-over shot with about twenty yards of cut to a tricky front pin. I grabbed an 8 iron...
I played a 12 year old in the second round of our state junior match play tournament. i was three under for the round and was actually down to him after fourteen holes. barely pulled it off two and one lol.
You can win $750 in pro shop merchandise in one tournament and retain your amateur status
I honestly feel that switching to blades, although it has not imrpoved the fundamentals of my swing (plane, position at the top, etc), has caused me to form a more repeatable swing. The lack of perimeter weighting and thus smaller sweetspot forces you to feel where the clubhead is at throughout your swing. I feel that this has made me a much more accurate ballstriker and overall better at creating different shots simply due to the fact that i am beginning to feel the...
I hate to be rude, but i dont think people realize just how good tour players are. My home course hosts the Cox Classic , so I get a chance to compare myself with Nationwide Players as far as scores go. I am about a plus one. From the tips at my home course, I have shot under par only a small handfull of times (low of 69 i believe), and i know every last break on the greens and every miniscule bounce that you will get in the fairways. Every thursday during the Cox...
I cant directly compare them but from my understanding the whiteboard is a very low launch and spin shaft that is quite stiff in all sections. If you dont mind giving up a half inch or so in the final club length, you could take the shaft out and tip trim it a half inch. This would make it feel overall a little stiffer. And if not, the aldila 85x can be had fairly cheap on ebay.
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