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I am really attracted to tight parkland layouts that force you to think and shape your ball around the course. Nice conditions are an obvious plus.
Adams 9015d 9.5 w/ Fujikura 6w06 Cleveland Hibore XLS 15t w/ Fujikura "Kamo" Adams Idea Pro 18,23 w/ Ozik Altus AP2 4-9 w/ KBS Tour Vokey 48.06, 56.11, 60.04 Spin Milled Scotty Cameron Del Mar 3.5
Paul Casey
Im a personal fan of Jose Maria Olazabal. Such a powerful rotation of his shoulders, it really fun to watch him swing when he was in his prime.
Teeing the ball lower would be a good start. In addition, try following through a bit lower. As a general rule of thumb, you should always make the same follow through as the trajectory you are trying to achieve (i.e. high shot= high hands in the follow through)
If you have ever seen the swing vision segments during PGA Tour coverage, you will tend to notice that their tees almost always come out of the ground unbroken and spinning through the air a bit.
This might cause some quarreling, but, IMHO, the 905R is the best driver Titleist has ever made and possibly one of the best all around driver's ever produced. Just my opinion
When I'm playing well, i try to "intensify" my pre-shot routine. For example, I usually pick out a small target in the distance to aim at. When I'm playing well, I pick targets even smaller. This allows me to focus on that little target instead of just a green or fairway. It really frees up your swing. I also like to take an extra look at putts to make sure im commited to a line. As for between shots, I try to carry on a conversation not related to the round with...
Am I the only one thats more excited by the Adams prototype hybrid that he is hitting than the belt buckle?
Basically the consensus that I have heard from some clubmaker's is that they are going to have to find a way to either get a hold of or seperate the "adapter sleeve". Once they master this, they can just take a brand new sleeve and put any shaft you want into it, eliminating the process of having to send it in to Taylormade to reshaft it.
New Posts  All Forums: