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Well if you felt that the DGS300 was a little heavy, I would definitely suggest taking a look at Project X considering that they are roughly five to ten grams lighter than DG in comparable flex. As far as the 5.5 v 6.0 debate, the 5.5 is probably going to feel the closest in flex to S300. And based on the fact that you have a fairly smooth tempo, I would definitely give the 5.5 a try.
Phil is using the Ft-9 TH. Unlike the Ft-9 Tour with the Callaway s2h2 hosel, the TH model has a standard hosel that makes the club appear more open without actually having to bend the face open. This helps Phil fight the problem he has with pushed drives. And if anyone cares to know, the shaft in it is the new Matrix HD-6 prototype.
Agreed, but as it stood before Tiger deicded to play, number 65 would have been in the field. So, in a sense, number 65 got kicked out by Tiger.
I have heard incredible stories of football players being so hyped on adrenaline that they are able to play through fractures, major sprains, etc. Its safe to say there was some adrenaline flowing through Tiger when he made that putt on 18. So I find no reason why Tiger wouldn't be able to give a fairly physical emotion to that putt. It also seems to me that despite the growing presence of steroids in professional sports, people also tend to forget that much has been...
I like Robert Karlsson in a US Open, Sergio in the British, AK in a PGA Championship, and McIlroy in the Masters. If you ask me, those seem to be the best course layouts for each of them to win a major on.
Well the weather was excellent here in Omaha until we recently got another four inches of snow . But its melting quickly..... so i got that goin for me.... which is nice The weather is gonna be very hit and miss, but I think two of the better public courses in the area were covered (Quarry Oaks and Iron Horse). The back nine at Quarry Oaks is gorgeous! But if you are looking for a couple of cheaper alternatives as well, I would suggest Tiburon and Indian Creek. They...
I couldn't be happier that Tiger is coming back to play! Im very interested to see what swing changes he has made now that he has a fully functioning knee, as well as any equipment changes, which seem to be few and far between for him. But I do have one little complaint. All of the announcers keep saying that they feel bad that Brendan Jones has to play Tiger in the match play now. Shouldn't we at least have a little bit of sympathy as well for the guy who got kicked...
Cleveland CG Tour Taylormade Smoke MB Nike VR Mizuno MP-67 All solid blades IMO
If money is not an issue, the Matrix Ozik Altus hybrid shaft is outstanding. One of the only higher launching hybrid shafts out there that still mantains a very tight dispersion pattern. They can be picked up new for $300 or slightly used for about $150
Sorry, but your facts are a bit incorrect. Sergio actually plays a B (Blade) version of the Taylormade Tour Preferred that does not have the undercut cavity like the retail version. The same goes for Justin Rose, Retief Goosen, and a couple of other prominent Taylormade staffers. If you post on Golf WRX, there are numerous threads about this topic. In the top ten in the world, seven of them play blades (Woods, Garcia, Mickelson, Singh, Karlsson, Ogilvy, and Kim). Out of...
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