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Im very excited that the Monster XLS Tour went back to a 440cc head like the XL Tour. Hopefully a sign that it will perform like the XL Tour.
I've always been extremely torn on this issue. Some will argue that a player's cavity back offers nearly the same workability as a blade with more forgiveness. This is completely valid. Some will argue and say that player's cb's lack the feedback of a traditional muscle back. This is also valid. But what about when the two worlds collide? I currently play a set of Mp-30's. They are great clubs, and my game has made leaps and bounds thanks to them. However, I always...
There is a new Burner iron coming out, but thats the closest thing i can think of to a replacement for the R7 currently.
Very true. Many (if not the vast majority) of the drivers developed now-a-days are designed with a certain shaft in mind. So if they can design a head around any shaft they want, why not use the latest and greatest to reel in every last possible customer?
I hit a mid trajectory ball, but constantly find myself knocking the ball down and trying to hit low shots because I seem to be more comfortable that way. In situations where I need to bring it down a little softer, I tend to rely on added spin and/or a fade to get the job done as opposed to trying to add height to the shot.
I've had a Titleist pencil bag for over a year now and i love it. It carries all fourteen clubs with ease, no more club jamming than any full size bag i have had. It's very light but it still holds plenty of balls, tees, etc. I also put a second strap on it because I would find my right shoulder getting a little tired over the course of 18 holes. But overall, I think they are awesome!
Listen for the ball to go in the hole instead of looking
This goal is probably a bit lofty and chances are it won't happen (at least anytime soon) barring a so called "miracle round". But here goes: My dad was an awesome golfer in his days fresh out of college. I worked at a country club as an assistant professional and played in some small events as well. His best round ever was a 63 at the Eisenhower Air Force golf course (i believe, the name is probably not quite right though). To put it simply, I want to beat that
If you go to a site like Golf WRX or the Titleist Performance institute that have a lot of guys who really know their stuff (no offense to the posters here at the Sand Trap ), the consensus seems to be that 5.5 is closest to stiff and 6.5 the best equivalent of x-stiff. As far as flighted vs. non-flighted, the Project X flighted has an exaggerated change in kick point from short to long irons. The lower bend point in the long irons helps to increase launch and spin while...
I play the ProV1 in all of my tournaments and competitive rounds of golf, but i've messed around a little with the b330-s and must say i like it, but i'm not sure it will end my love affair with the ProV1.
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