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The project x is actually about 10 grams lighter and most clubfitters would generally agree that the 6.5 plays closest to an x-stiff flex. And the ballflight is going to be a slightly higher launch with lower spin, which may or may not mean a lower ballflight in each individual case.
I would have to say my go to shot throughout the bag is a low trap draw. Love it
I watched the match between Sergio Garcia and Phil Mickelson. The thing that really impressed me was..... GARY PLAYER. I thought he was an awesome commentator!
Move around a lot. Don't spend x amount of time on the range followed by y amount of time working on short game. Rotate back and forth between different parts of your game to keep your mind fresh and interested. Have fun!
As far as the wedge game goes from say 30-120 yards, I do a ladder type drill. Place 10 balls every ten yards from 20-80 yards (our short game center goes up to 80). Then, at each distance, I hit three standard trjectory shots, three low "spinners", and then four more "standard" trajectory shots. My focus during this drill is clean contact and obviously distance control. As for putting, I don't have a lot of structure for practicing putting from outside 10 feet. I do...
I've been madly in love with my Yes! Sophia since the day I got it over a year and a half ago. I haven't been able to find another putter that has as good of a feel IMO.
If there is nothing but fairway in front of the green, I am going for it no questions asked. If there is trouble, I look at how many trouble spots there are and how close they are to my target. If it's not too troublesome, I take a rip at it. If not, I try to lay up to either 75, 105, or 120 yards (favorite distances for 60, 54, and PW respectively).
Of those two the Diamana seems a little better because of the fact that you are producing the same ball speed with slightly less clubhead speed. However, both of those spin numbers are fairly high. Were you testing them with regular or stiff shafts? If they were regular, I would suggest trying the stiff to bring the spin down a little.
Also remember though that the handicap system is different in England, Poulter's home. If i recall correctly, a four handicap in england equates to nearly a scratch player in America.
In the most recent Golf Digest, they did and equipment preview for 09. They had both the Dymo Driver and fairway woods, but no hybrids
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