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How far do you hit your driver? I am assuming you hit it 230+ just based on the fact that you are using a stiff shaft. Generally, 2900-3000 is roughly ideal as far as spin rates go (again, using a rough estimate for distance and what not). I would take a look at your ballflight on an actual range before you start making shaft changes based on simulator numbers. Just my two cents.
I found that oddly complicated for a post titled 'simple golf swing', but it was excellent advice nevertheless
MY 2009 GOALS: -Learn to hang around: For the first time last year I finally got myself into contention in a couple of pretty big tournaments. Unfortunately i let my emotions get the best of me and was not able to post a good score on the final day. For this reason I need to figure out what I need to do to keep myself in contention and eventually win. -Purposeful Practice: There were way too many times last year when I would start "machine-gunning" balls on the...
I think you would have to agree though that Sergio has toned down the whining to a tolerable degree for the better part of this year. Rory.... not so much.
As always, I intend to regrip my clubs over the winter. I think ive decided on Golf Pride Tour Wraps. My dad has them on a few of his older clubs and I just love the feel. I also won a bet with my father for a new set of irons. The Cleveland CG Tours are a frontrunner, but the Macgregor Mt-Pro M's and the Wilson FG59 are running in close second. I also intend to replace my three hybrid, considering the one that I currently play belongs to dad. A Hibore XLS Tour may...
These are a few guidelines i try to abide by when practicing: -Stay away from "beating balls"- You will hardly ever develop good habits if you machine gun balls without thinking about what you are doing. Take your time before hitting each shot. -Mix it up- Youre not going to get any as good as you can be by doing the same drills over and over. Try doing new drills that may be challenging to you. -Dont allow yourself to be frustrated- If you are having trouble on the...
Ill comment on what I can: Bridgestone B330- Pretty long, very firm feel and low to mid spin in relation ot others B330s-Long,soft, and tons of spin. Right up there with the ProV1 IMO Z-URS- Average distance, average spin, very soft feel. Z-URC- Longer than Z-URS, almost the same spin, slightly firmer feel Best of luck in your search
I personally thought that the 07 burner tp had a bigger sweet spot than the Tour Burner tp. One other thing about the tour burner tp i noticed was that there is a night and day difference between the three stock shafts. The 65 gram diamana flew miles higher than the 75 gram rombax, and i didn't have the opportunity to hit the 55 gram Matrix.
From my experience, most people have more success shaving the tip. Its a little bit less complicated as opposed to boring the hosel.
On the first par 3, try not to treat it any differently just because there is water in front. You have to hit the ball solid to hit the green no matter what is in front of the green. Another thing to work on is commitment. You are better off hitting the wrong club with complete confidence as opposed to hitting the correct run with dooming thoughts in your mind. On the par 5, try three wood off the tee. However, that doesn't mean you should be guiding the ball off the...
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