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Jim Furyk plays Srixon Pro-100 blades loaded with lead tape. Sorry to be so picky but it was bugging me lol. As for the original post, I would suggest that you try not to make your decision based on what the back of the club looks like in regards to cavities or the lack there of. There are blades that are just as forgiving as player's cavity backs, and there are players cb's that are just as workable as most blades. Your decision should be based on picking an iron that...
If you like your Hibore XL, the XLS is a very solid driver as well.
I love playin target golf. But i digress. I would say anything over 7000 gets to be pretty long
Ill be replacing my irons and either getting a different 3 hybrid or reshafting the one i have. Other than that my other equipment has plenty of life left in it and a solid spot in my bag.
Bingo. THats why sergio plays such a stiff shaft. He may have the same ss as many other pros, but he is a major hitter, thus giving him the need for a heavier stiffer shaft. (Sorry that might have been a bit off topic)
Bounce is extremely personal. For example, I play on plenty of tight fairways during the summer but choose to play a lob wedge with 8* of bounce, which is on the higher end for lob wedges. It all depends a bit on how you judge where you need bounce. Ive never understood why you need a certain amount of bounce from the fairway. Ive always felt that you need to find a bounce number that is versatile for you around the greens
I carry a 17* in place of a 5 wood and recently added a 20* and pulled the 3i. I can hit the 3 iron fine, but the 20* flies a bit higher and fills the gap better between my 4i and 17*.
pics please? would you consider a trade?
Phil Mickleson putting it 30 yards past Harrington on the first hole of the first day
My dad is a former club prpfessional, so I am lucky enough to have him help me with my swing. However, I try to keep it simple. I tried working with other professionals, but the two that I worked with seem to go straight to swing changes. My dad on the other hand can almost always fix something through finding a flaw in set-up, alignment, etc. I tend not to listen to magazines and the majority of golfing shows because of the contradicting methods and things of that...
New Posts  All Forums: