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My seven year old has his first tournament this Sunday, and every sunday after that for eight weeks. He can't get enough golf, and I want to give him every opportunity to be the very best he can be. Gear wise, what training aids would you recommend for a beginner that young? There are hundreds of training aids out on ebay but I have no idea which are good and which are junk. We have a net set up in the house with a chipping/driving mat so he can practice his swing any...
I can't offer you anything constructive right now, but I have my 7 year old signed up to play in an eight week tour of Tulsa, Oklahoma later this month through US Kids Golf. The "Daddy Caddie" aspect appealed to me too.
'Cuda..  As in Barracuda.'Cuda Clark 
I am so glad I came and read this. I just signed my seven year old up for his first 9 hole tournament and we were planning to get him an embroidered bag with his nickname on it. Now I'm wondering if it's a bad idea.
Don't really have any fairway woods. I have a $20 driver from Wal-Mart and I go straight to my 4 iron after that. I don't have any problems with older models. This is encouraging! I'm excited again. Thanks guys!
My wife had me all excited by saying she was going to get me a matching driver, 3 and 5 wood set for my birthday. I started looking around and getting ideas, then she told me my budget would be about $200. I had planned to spend $200 on the driver alone. Do I stand a prayer of getting any sort of good, matched set for $200.  
I just bought my precious, four year old little girl a pink JR clubs set that she instantly fell in love with. The only problem is, I bought a set that was meant for ages 8-12. Is there any chance I can cut a couple of inches off each of the three shafts and make it fit her better?  TIA.. DC.  
I used to buy a dozen before each round and I would come home with 3-5 left over that I would throw into a bag in my garage. The kids have raided my stash bag leaving most of them out in the sun/rain so the dozen or so balls in my bag are all I really have.
 The courses I play all send a cart around at the end of the day to make sure no one is left on the course before they close. Assuming I haven't already realized that it am missing it and gone back for it myself, the course employee will snag it and give my cell a call. That's the hope anyway.
I think there are a lot of liars here.
New Posts  All Forums: