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Hahaha, feel like you're watching the Nationwide Tour ehhh? Oh yeah Lluie, Faldo pulling Serg is a head scratcher!!
I think the coverage of the Ryder Cup running a little late pushed back the Viking Classic, they did "Live From" for an hour or so after the live coverage was over.
Tell me, just put it under a spoiler button
well said!!!
Harry would have liked if you put the results under a spoiler button as well
who cares, if they fit that's the cheapest pair of adidas you'll ever find
Haha, me too...20 years ago. But yes, it is a great feeling for a young man and as the folks always said "it's a privilege, not a right".
Who knows where this thread is going....may be another reason for the tumbleweeds
Didn't know that either, almost pointless to have one IMO.
You should...Minus the travel expense it is very affordable for golf and lodging As for me, I still play just not as much.
New Posts  All Forums: