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Bill Fields of Golf World wrote this week about Taylor-Made’s Hack Golf initiative designed to solicit new thoughts on how to entice more people to the game. At the PGA show Hack Golf introduced an oversized set of non-conforming clubs and a bigger ball designed for a larger hole. They believe golf is just too hard and complex and needs to be dumbed down in order to attract more participants. This disturbs me. I think dumbing down the game distorts the game itself. ...
How cool is the Golf Channel's "Fly-Cam"?
I'm sorry, but using the words "fried chicken" in a flippant remark in reference to a black man is a racist comment.  Who is he trying to fool?
Holy cow!  Can someone please tell McCord to shut the hell up?  I cannot stand the constant, inane jabbering.
I was thinking to myself "I wish the announcers would shut up for a minute so I could hear what the pros are saying in between shots" when Bradley dropped a "god damn it" just after his tee shot on the par 3 sixth.  It made me laugh.
To be patient and make more putts.
99% sure you cannot.
RM is simply dismantling the course.
I think it's all good fun.  Y'all need to lighten up.
"I wish I had the money that built that gut", Feherty on the open mic to Darren Clark.  :-0 
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