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Well I would like to get somewhere around $350 shipped for the everything (3-SW)...I am open to any reasonable offers though, and would actually prefer some type of trade. I would like to try to get rid of everything together if possible, and if not then I will split the irons and wedges up for sale.
the irons and wedges are the ones in my signature btw...
I am looking to either sell or trade my Titleist 755 irons. The irons are 3-9 and I have a set of mizuno wedges (pw, gw, sw) that I can include with. The Titleist irons have the Project X 5.5 shafts, and the mizuno wedges have the original shaft (can't remember the exact model, and I don't have my clubs with me because I am at school) in stiff flex. Clubs are in great shape (haven't played them that much really) and have new Winn grips as well. As far as trades, I am...
I have a Nike SV black 56* wedge in good condition that I no longer need...looking for around $30 plus actual shipping charges. Let me know if your interested and I can get you pictures.
Here is a link to an identical club listed on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-NIKE-SV-BLAC...3%3A1|294%3A50
I forgot to mention some specs...club has 14 * of bounce, true temper dynamic gold s400 shaft, and the original nike velvet grip. here are some pics...i will see if i can get better ones tomorrow outside.
I have a Nike SV sand wedge I'm looking to get rid of. It is in very good condition. Just bought a new set of matching wedges so I no longer need this. Looking for around $30 plus shipping (obo). I will post pictures this weekend. Any questions/offers PM me or send me an email...choran06@hotmail.com. -Craig
It helped me...since you can hit actual golf balls with it, you can tell by how well/far you hit it whether or not you are casting at the right time. I'm not going to say that it will work for everyone, but it did help me out.
I'll start out at $25 + shipping...feel free to make offers though.
As I continue to clean the garage, I have found yet one more item I no longer need. It is the Cast-Away Power Trainer by Matzie Golf. It is in good shape, just no longer need it. Good for helping you try to lag your club and throw your hands at the right moment to obtain maximum power transfer to the ball. Nice because you can hit actual golf balls with it. Anyways, I'm not sure what it is worth, and will check around and update later. Any offer will be considered. ...
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