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Generalising about people based on their handicap is kind of a requirement of interacting on a golf forum! Would you prefer that no one assumes anything ever? So the 26 handicapper is potentially a great ball striker / putter / iron player / driver / etc The plus golfer is potentially dreadful at pitching / putting / iron play/ driving etc OF COURSE NOT we have to assume a few general things GENERALLY - LOW HANDICAPPERS WILL PUTT BETTER THAN HIGH LOW...
They use the IF in when broadcasting golf - it drives me NUTS! IF HE HAD GONE 2 UNDER ON THE FRONT NINE HE WOULD BE IN THE LEAD YES BUT HE F ING WELL DIDN'T DID HE! ETC capitals as thinking about it makes me mad If your AUNTY HAD BALLS SHE WOULD BE YOUR UNCLE!
Germany v Argentina - I hope this is as good as I am expecting! PS Can ALL SPORTS PLEASE HAVE CHEERLEADERS - Just a thought! IRELAND V FRANCE - I play a fair bit of 5 a side and we have an IRISH GUY (from Mayo) and a couple of Frenchies play - after Ireland V France we got one of the Frenchies to punch the ball in to the net - Dave (OR IRISH DAVE AS HE IS KNOWN) WAS LIVID! It was funny as hell seeing him go mental! HAR HAR
Nought on the bonce
You want to work on a solid practice routine on the range and on the course, if you can isolate each shot as one shot then hitting a cut 3 iron on the range should have the same approach as a 9 iron on the 17th when you are on a good score. k
I suck at that shot, feel the pain - my solution is not to leave it - works for me.
NEVER WITH A LOB RARELY WITH A SAND IF REQUIRE I USE A PITCH 9 IRON 8IRON (MOST USED) 7IRON (MOST USED) 6IRON Depends on the carry to the green then the amount of green to the pin, the aim is to get the ball on the green rolling as quickly as possible if that means a putting type stroke with a 6 iron then that is the club - lobbing it high is only for when something prevents you hitting it low. In the US this is totally different in my experience but I dont...
I think we are conditioned when it comes to golf to assume the bigger numbers are correct and alwayS question poor results which contradict the best possible scenario, rather than vice versa. Example, LD event called Thunderball, lots of guys wondered how they put up 210mph ballspeed and the ball ONLY went X yards - Not one competitor said, Wow I hit my normal distance but dont know where that 210mph ball speed came from! We all want to believe we hit further than we...
There are two categories here one - golfers = we know how tough golf is two - non golfers = they know how easy the pros make it look to take somone from category two to category one takes about 1 topped drive on the 1st! k
I am a good golfer and a long hitter - My post was more about the fact that there is a lot of crap talked on forums and wherever golfers gather and it self perpetuates. Now I admit I probably shouldnt have posted the hybrid out the range thing but It was to prove how ridiculous the 315 yard thing was rather than to say I hit a hybrid out the range. PS the hybrid is past tense, the thing snapped and the big bit is in one of the water features - twas a BEN ross...
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