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ment to say can play 18 in 3 hours  
if you dont want to be pushed by the group behind you, simple, play faster!!!  Im 36 with 2 kids and a wife, I love the game, and my friends and I can play 28 in 3 hours or less when the course is not full, why should a fast round be 4.5 hours?  with the norm being closer to 5.5hours  I can justify 3 hours away from the kids on a weekend, but 5 or 6 hours will drive me out of the game soon too!
a few things you should know.  Lie angle is not the same from one manufacturer to the next, there is no industry standard (but they are pretty close) So dont get fit for one set of irons and then assume that you will be the same in the next set.  Also be aware that most clubs can be bent to fit your lie angle so buing a used set can still be fit to you.  Last thing to consider is that if your gonna be taking more lessons your swing is gonna change, so having the lie...
Maybe I missed it but I am shocked that no one listed Wisconsin! Without being a member of a club you can play the kohler complex, Home of the PGA Championship and the 2020 ryder cup, Aaron Hills-in the running for the 2017 US open, Brown Deer, Which up until this year hosted a PGA event that fell victom to economy. The courses at Lawsonia in green lake, the links is listed at 57 on golf weeks top 100 pre 1960 but if you take out the private clubs it moves up to I think...
Other than the woods all my clubs are from golf works, or golfsmith. I find the quality to be as good as the OEM and the price cant be beat.
Ok I hate to say this as a guy who builds clubs as a side job, but if you where willing to play a club that did not say a big name on it you could probly get both wedges right now, golfworks.com sells some very nice wedge heads I like the M series forged heads are around 25 bucks, add a true temper dynamic gold s300 (most big companies wedges come with some sort of dynamic gold shaft) a 3 dollar lamkin pro crossline grip and your looking at 43 bucks for parts and they...
do it yourself!!! I am a club builder and if all you want is the clubs cut and gripped its so simmple. Cut the old grips off with a razorblade, cut the shafts to what you want with a hack saw. put grip tapew on (4 bucks or so a role at golfworks.com) and put on new grips by applying solvent to the tape and sliding the grips on.
omg sorry the sand wedge is only 53 degrees that is pretty much a gap wedge right there use it as yoru gap and get a 58 degree lob insted, that would be my advice
call or go to your local pro shop and find the loft of the P and S wedge and go from there. odds are the P is around 45 or 46 degrees and the sand wedge will be around 56 degrees so a 54 degree gap wedge would be to close to your sand wedge. Look at a 52 or even a 50 degree gap if this is the case.
if you can find the precept u tri tour at walmart or target for around 20 bucks a doz and they are the same ball ass the bridgstone b330
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