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sounds about right. the specs on my irons are even 90g which i thing is the lightest steel.
i agree any amount of oil on the club face will affect the spin. best bet just keep your clubs nice and dry and clean.
Thanks for all the great info so far. I think best bet is to go to golf galaxey and try a bunch out. Been using a blade style for a while now. Might be time to try something new.
good for you. glad you found a driver that works for your game. Just like i could go on and on how Taylormade Superquad is the longest and best driver made. It will be in my bag for atleast another season. Taylormade is the best company out right now hands down. But thats my opinion. hey and like i said i hit the SQsumo club and thought it was crap. Launched to high for my swing speed. Might be good for you and Tiger. Not for me. And stating a shaft is crap has nothing...
Well just like looking into your bag and i can say i hit the SQsumo club and thought it was crap. Launched to high for my swing speed. Might be good for you and Tiger. Not for me. So oh well done worring about what shaft is good for you and me.
i never said 100% true. just telling you what i thought. Who cares not a good shaft for me then. Like i said i have one on my Long Driver so they must be semi good. Just not for my regular driver. It's not like i am sponsored by Graffaloy and i run around saying they are garbage. Just a average joe who doen't like them. No Big deal. Just like i could say Scotty Cameron's are way over priced and look just like a Ping for half the money. Just my opinion. You may disagree or...
wish people would have told me it was crap before i spent $300 on my Ping driver. I would rather here the truth than some sugar coated junk. That is what these forums are about helping others out. People feelings might get hurt but big deal. hey some people tell me Taylormade Burner Irons are for mid to high handi cappers. Do you think i care i like em. Just for futur referance.
doubt you are gonna find a Grafalloy Prototype Bi-Matrx Hot Pink Stiff shaft on the open market. But you might want to spend the doe on it since bubba watson uses it. I just think besides the shaft he has and the LD shaft i have on my club the rest are garbage. Thats what these forums are about peoples opions. I don't have to do all kinds of internet research. i hit all there shafts and didn't like any of them.
triple play's are always luck.
so this whole tread is in the wrong. Don't put any oil on your clubs even the WD-40. Sounds good to me. I was just saying what someone told me to try and it worked. Might be a good time to buy stock in vasaline or Wd-40. Now everyone will be tring to get the extra 10 yards on there drives with it. LOL
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