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Garica is too good not win one soon and i will be looking for him come Bethpage were he has a second and Turnberry were he likes the course. AK and Villegas will take a little bit longer once they have been in the mix. Donald and Stenson are the over likely ones to come through. I think McIlroy will win at St Andrews in 2010 as he plays amazingly around there. I in the dunhill last year his last 6 rounds have been in the 60s and that time will be about right for him to win
i personaly wish that i started earlier. Take him onto the putting green and get him the feel of a putter and chipping then gradually build upwards. The most important thing is to install the fun and antipication of playing golf. Even if he does pack it in he may pick it up later in life and remember those times when he played with you. i know that the best times i have with my dad and brothers are out on the golf course
You need to be looking at the +3 mark, to make it through the first stage of Q school this year in europe you have to shoot -6 through 4 rounds in an english autumn. Mentally it has to be strong but every pro on tour has the knowledge that they are in 100% control of everything over every putt. This includes emotions, thoughts of the possible outcomes and the adrenaline down the stretch.
Rory Mcilroy will be one of the best players to come out of europe in years. He is one of a new breed of players from the UK to come through who are roughly the same age e.g. Ollie Fisher, Chris Wood and Danny Willett. Then we have some pretty awesome teenagers in the amatuer scene like Tom Sherreard who i think is at Georgia, Matt Haines and Sam Hutsby.Rory etc will push on massively this year but watch out for the other names at the walker cup to really push Rickie...
i think that Poults and Casey were bad choices to be honest. poults has had 2 top tens this year and hasnt won since 06 on a meaningful tour aka not japan. Casey is the better choice but again he hasn't won anything for 18 months. I would have gone for Clarke after his record and recent form - two wins in 08. Then I would have picked Ross Fisher - perfect game for Valhalla and a very good win with a class field at the european open or nick Dougherty - who won the first...
I personally hope for either hanson or wilson to drop out and Kaymer to get in automatically otherwise i doubt he'd get a pick. I think i'd probably go for Casey and Ross Fisher
I thought it was going to be his after the birdie on 6, but these things do happen, once one falls the it will be mulitple. I think that he has got his demenaour right and is looking at the positives. The interview on friday said it all that it will happen and that was a major champion speaking. Harrington won the competition again on sunday and perhaps he shouldn't of missed the green on 16 but the way he was playing meant he shouldn't want to push it home. And the bogey...
hit balls again until you feel comfortable again and confident. Once you've got the negatitivity into your head it is hard to remove. The range will also help you find your yardages, once out on the course trust yourself and your swing as you did before
the most important thing is to limit your mistakes and capitalise his. If you can hit greens in reg then the pressure is on him to fire at the flags to beat you. It may sound simple but if you are playing first go for the middle of the greens then at most you have got 30 foot in matchplay which are holeable. It is also important not to let your opponent get into your head keep in your zone and do not focus on him, hit the same shot you would normally if he's close. Find a...
i have been to orlando a few times and I always enjoy playing Mystic dunes and if you are willing to strech a little more Grand Cyprus is an awesome test
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