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My club had a long drive contest with marshmallows once. I'm pretty sure those marshmallows ended up compressed and deformed. I actually tried to pre-compress my marshmallow (figuring I could impart more energy to a more solid target and that a smaller marshmallow would be more aerodynamic). Alas, it did not have the desired effect. In the end, a guy using driver won, but just narrowly over a guy who used an 8-iron. Turns out, the contest was dictated almost as much by...
That is an opportunity for inconsistency.  Just today I caught myself bending my arm too much.  You just have to make sure you're doing it the same way each time. I suspect after awhile it will be second nature.  
I've only had one outing thus far using AimPoint Express. I think the reads were pretty much on, but my speed was terrible. Neither method works well when you leave everything short. The curse of playing a course early in the year when you still have the echo of faster conditions in your head from last summer. I believe that Express is going to be very handy for me on longer putts, while Midpoint will be the go-to for the 10-foot, must-makes for par.
I agree that it will change the swing weight, however, cutting down a putter makes the head feel lighter, not heavier.  Camerons typically have a 340g head weight at 35" and a 360g at 33."    You can easily adjust the head weight with lead tape (though it's not always pretty).  I used to put it on the bottom of the putter head so I didn't have to see it at address.  That should lower the center of gravity but even with 20g on there I didn't notice it changing playing...
It's a little bit surprising that there's no online coverage. On the course there are video displays everywhere so you can follow what's happening on other holes. Still, I didn't see Sammy the Squirrel until I got home.  
I'll be there most of the week. Looking forward to it. I think the U.S. should win handily, but the Internationals always seem to play better than they look on paper.   I hope they move the tee up on #14. Some of the guys can drive that green anyway, but with the tee up most of field will be able to. With the water short and right and the rough and slope to the left, it's an awesome short par 4. Talk about your risk/reward holes.  
The weight of the putter should not cause you to consistently hit putts short.  You should still be able to adjust the distance of your putts over the course of a round.     I would practice distances as the previous poster suggested. Another thing to try is putting to a spot 18-24 inches past the hole. Obviously, be sure to locate your target spot taking the break of the green into account. You want the hole to get in the way as the ball rolls to your target. Make that...
I'm not crazy about box sets for the reason the OP cited. They are cheap for a reason, and are often designed to look the part with little attention to the playability features that the brand puts into the regular sets. A decent used set might not look as shiny to start with, but it will probably yield more enjoyable shots and may stay in the bag longer. 
I would give the MP-63s the edge in feel and playability, and the AP2s the nod in forgiveness (solely for the long irons). In appearance, it's no match. The classic look of the Mizunos make them a big winner in my book. I'd try them both out and see what works best for you. I will have a full review of the 63s out on TST very soon.
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