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(I misread--ok, didn't read--the question or probably would have said Spieth b/c of his consistency, but since my vote is in and for Rory...) I'm going with the "It's hard to repeat" argument. Rory has played Augusta well and will be hungry after an off-season dreaming of majors not won and probably having a few kick-arounds with his friends.
Me too, Dan.   I flared an approach over in front of the tee boxes for the next hole. We had two couples playing ahead of us in carts. When I got up to where my ball was, the men had just finished teeing off and the women were sitting in the carts. Since it was a raised tee and the men had to walk down a bunch of steps, and since I was just going to punch back onto my fairway, I rushed out to play my shot and not hold things up. I promptly shanked it off the roof support...
I'm in for Saturday. Checking on Friday (I do love the one-club scramble, preferably without the laterals this year). I'll update as soon as I nail it down.   Might be able to talk a member/lurker into it, as well.    Confirmed @iacas (Fri/Sat) @Rob Thompson (Fri/Sat) @saevel25 (Fri/Sat) @Jeremie Boop (Fri/Sat)* @Hardspoon (Fri/Sat) @Slice of Life @mcanadiens @vasaribm (Fri/Sat) @Braivo (Fris/Sat) @georgep (Sat)   Tentative @BradSomrak  
I try to keep my swing thoughts in the single digits.     Lately, I'm usually thinking something like "keep the chest toward the ground" or "smooth transition." 
Played 18 yesterday trying to hit my key backswing keys... moving behind ball, chest laser, umbrella (I only focus on the first for my actual shot, the others on practice swings). Then shifting to visualizing throwing a ball on my forward swing.  It helps a lot. Basically just three bad swings (old moves creeping back in) and a brain fart blew up an otherwise solid round.   Worked on slow motion backswings this morning hitting all the keys above, then topped it off with...
Hit a small bucket, making a practice swing to rehearse keeping my chest pointed toward the ground. Then taking a full swing with one difference... After getting to the top of the back swing I changed my mental thought to throwing a ball out along my target line about 12 feet in front of me. It seemed to make a big difference as I was getting through the ball much better. We'll see if I can take it to the course tomorrow. 
15 mins of mirror work and slow practice swings working on keeping my chest pointing toward ground (chest laser). 
Ticklish one!
 That it was.  Yesterday's round was truly amazing.  
And it's set at 11!
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