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 Show off!  Nice round, but I bet you didn't play half your shots off the hosel. 
I had a great time. It was really nice to meet folks and renew old acquaintances. Wish I could have actually put the club face on the ball a little more instead of using the hosel, but hey they sort of went toward the hole, just not on the straightest line. BTW--Went to the range last night and what do you know... ball goes straight(er) again.  Must have been the influence of the lake or something.    I'd like to thank my teammates over the weekend for enduring my play,...
@Rob Thompson takes more than a little off a 6-iron here.
#1 beckons.
@@macdaddy18 hits 6-iron off the tee during the one club scramble.
Some tremendous 5 and 6 iron shots out there tonight. In fact every shot was a 5 or 6 iron.
That would be awesome! After all, if you are going to get your butt kicked by a golf course, it should be a good one.  
Don't feel bad @CarlSpackler, I live within two miles of Muirfield Village (as the crow flies) and I'm still waiting on my tee time, too.    Medallion is private, btw.  
Here are a few options:   If you don't mind driving a little, try Bent Tree near the I-71 and 36 interchange.  It has quite a bit of water on it, but it's a fun layout.   If you are looking to finish with the same ball you started with, try Raymond Memorial. It's a (somewhat beat up) Robert Trent Jones layout that is now a muni.  You can still see the design concepts at work, but most of the course is wide, wide open.    If you don't mind spending a little more try...
That drive on 18 was monstrous, and the perfect flight.  Though the driver bit you a few times today, you had a great one to end on. At least you didn't use six total strokes to get on the putting surface from inside 60 yards on back-to-back holes!  I wonder who would do such a thing? .  
New Posts  All Forums: