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Hit once. I was on the tee box of the next hole after a par 3 and a ball came off the pine tree next to me and hit me on the shoulder. No big deal, the tree took the velocity out of the shot.    I almost hit someone once though. I hit an approach out of position in front of the next tee. And after the group hit, I thought I'd keep things moving by quickly punching back to my fairway through the trees. In my rush I shanked the wedge and hit the front roof support on the...
Ugly behavior that didn't matter...   Here's my take on the Miguel-Keegan exchange.   Miguel was within his rights to challenge the drop (though he was wrong) Keegan and his caddie should not have been telling Miguel to go back to his ball (he was within his rights to challenge the drop) Miguel should not have told Keegan's caddie to shut up (even though it was entertaining) Keegan was way out of line to get in Miguel's face, though he gets a few points for...
I had a nasty case of tennis elbow, a form of tendinitis (aka inflamed tendons), a few years ago. Since it sounds like your issue is similar, you may want to look into finding a good neuromuscular masseuse. That helped me much more with my tendinitis than the cortisone shots and electro-stimulation PT did for me. I was back in business in about a month, after enduring the tendinitis for almost a year. 
I'd take Miguel if it came to blows. That guy has been places.     The official did nothing to help that situation. 
I just replaced my Titleist 910 D2, so I voted 5+. We'll see if it takes this time.  While I've had a few other drivers in the bag from time to time to demo, I've never strayed for long from the 910. But this year, I actually purchased a new driver (G30, TFC Tour 80), which has been as long or longer and more consistent.
I'm in.  I wonder if I'm the only one who sneaks in 30 second mirror sessions at work when no one else is in the restroom at the same time. 
I like it when, on a well-struck shot, the ball (on 8-PW, anyway) hits on the green, takes a hop forward and then spins back near the ball mark. I think that is about the perfect amount of spin, because it's much easier to judge carry yardage than what might happen with roll out or spin back. I just wish it happened more often. While they are crowd pleasing, it seems like most of the times when I get a really long zip back, it ends up off the green. I play a urethane...
But it was memorable. And what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. 
Thunder Hill! There was a lot of guessing (wrong) about landing areas at that track. I felt kind of beat up after that one. 
Before you go buying a new shaft, talk to the store where you bought it. They (or the local Ping rep) may be willing to switch it out for you with another stock shaft. The hosel makes it easy enough. The blue TFC is a pretty light stiff and may well be a better fit. See if they'll refit you just for the shaft. I find the suggestion of playing the driver at 8 degrees kind of surprising. 
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