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That would be awesome! After all, if you are going to get your butt kicked by a golf course, it should be a good one.  
Don't feel bad @CarlSpackler, I live within two miles of Muirfield Village (as the crow flies) and I'm still waiting on my tee time, too.    Medallion is private, btw.  
Here are a few options:   If you don't mind driving a little, try Bent Tree near the I-71 and 36 interchange.  It has quite a bit of water on it, but it's a fun layout.   If you are looking to finish with the same ball you started with, try Raymond Memorial. It's a (somewhat beat up) Robert Trent Jones layout that is now a muni.  You can still see the design concepts at work, but most of the course is wide, wide open.    If you don't mind spending a little more try...
That drive on 18 was monstrous, and the perfect flight.  Though the driver bit you a few times today, you had a great one to end on. At least you didn't use six total strokes to get on the putting surface from inside 60 yards on back-to-back holes!  I wonder who would do such a thing? .  
My club had a long drive contest with marshmallows once. I'm pretty sure those marshmallows ended up compressed and deformed. I actually tried to pre-compress my marshmallow (figuring I could impart more energy to a more solid target and that a smaller marshmallow would be more aerodynamic). Alas, it did not have the desired effect. In the end, a guy using driver won, but just narrowly over a guy who used an 8-iron. Turns out, the contest was dictated almost as much by...
That is an opportunity for inconsistency.  Just today I caught myself bending my arm too much.  You just have to make sure you're doing it the same way each time. I suspect after awhile it will be second nature.  
I've only had one outing thus far using AimPoint Express. I think the reads were pretty much on, but my speed was terrible. Neither method works well when you leave everything short. The curse of playing a course early in the year when you still have the echo of faster conditions in your head from last summer. I believe that Express is going to be very handy for me on longer putts, while Midpoint will be the go-to for the 10-foot, must-makes for par.
I agree that it will change the swing weight, however, cutting down a putter makes the head feel lighter, not heavier.  Camerons typically have a 340g head weight at 35" and a 360g at 33."    You can easily adjust the head weight with lead tape (though it's not always pretty).  I used to put it on the bottom of the putter head so I didn't have to see it at address.  That should lower the center of gravity but even with 20g on there I didn't notice it changing playing...
It's a little bit surprising that there's no online coverage. On the course there are video displays everywhere so you can follow what's happening on other holes. Still, I didn't see Sammy the Squirrel until I got home.  
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