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But it was memorable. And what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. 
Thunder Hill! There was a lot of guessing (wrong) about landing areas at that track. I felt kind of beat up after that one. 
Before you go buying a new shaft, talk to the store where you bought it. They (or the local Ping rep) may be willing to switch it out for you with another stock shaft. The hosel makes it easy enough. The blue TFC is a pretty light stiff and may well be a better fit. See if they'll refit you just for the shaft. I find the suggestion of playing the driver at 8 degrees kind of surprising. 
I have tried focusing on a spot 4-6" in front of the ball as an "emergency fix" on the course. It can help. But as a normal course of action, I like looking at the front of the ball. I try to imagine that I'm driving a nail down and through the ball so that it exits below the equator of the ball after skewering the ball on the nail. I use that image with irons and hybrids. With the driver I want the nail to exit just above the equator of the ball.
Yeah, the accusations about Lance Armstrong were out years before any investigation began. There's been the occasional odd speculation here and there from random people far removed from the situation, but no one who has been part of the inner camp has made any accusations. 
I'd definitely say "as close as possible" as a general rule. However, there are some situations where I would personally be more comfortable with a longer shot. If the green is fronted by water, really gnarly rough, or some other extremely penal feature, I would rather have a full swing with a SW, GW, or PW than to try to finesse something. This would reduce the likelihood of birdie, naturally, but it involves a lot less nerve, at least for me.   Then again, if I need a...
Welcome, Tallywhacker. You'll find a lot of assistance here that will help you improve. Hope you enjoy it! 
That's awesome! Well done @iacas and all. It's been fun watching the forum and site evolve.
 Show off!  Nice round, but I bet you didn't play half your shots off the hosel. 
I had a great time. It was really nice to meet folks and renew old acquaintances. Wish I could have actually put the club face on the ball a little more instead of using the hosel, but hey they sort of went toward the hole, just not on the straightest line. BTW--Went to the range last night and what do you know... ball goes straight(er) again.  Must have been the influence of the lake or something.    I'd like to thank my teammates over the weekend for enduring my play,...
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