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Wow bumped post from 4 years ago! There are several courses in the area that open if possible for nice weather. Beaver Creek is one of them, Jester will open anytime weather permitting. I just assumed if there are several that do it within 20 miles there would have been others that did the same thing.
Ok thanks. :/ :)   btw, I find the site search function very difficult for such things. I think I got back 1000's of results. Can we do quotes or anything?
I appreciate that but is there an online link, I had this argument with a buddy yesterday during a scramble and wanted to send him a link or summary of the information.
I remember there being as study done about how amateurs always do better the closer they are to the the hole but I simply can't find the thread or the study online. Could someone point me in the right direction?   Thanks, -Will
I found myself wondering while reading the board that it's interesting that there doesn't seem to be any accounts of anyone just 'getting it figured out' or 'finally finding the game'   It's strange but you would think this kind of thing would happen. Does anyone ever go from a normal crappy men's leauger to top notch amateur or pro? If not, why?   It seems to me if it were the case the golf were the kind of thing that you could learn or improve on like a skill you...
Lol, no she couldn't. :) Funny post though, "this 125lb girl was easily hitting it past me and my drives are 280-300 so she easily pounds it out there 300+" 
Athletes are often listed taller than they actually are. I remember watching an interview years ago where the interviewer called out some football player on his listed height. He said something like, you're listed at 6'1 and I'm 5'11 and definitely taller than you. :) The response wasn't a positive one. :)    As for Rory, if he is indeed 5'9, that would make him two inches taller than the average person from Ireland. (I suspect they are all inflated a little) 
1 quad bogie and two triple bogies (and 6 bogies)! I didn't know 2 handicappers did that!    Hmm +16 over those 9 holes. Oh well, he barely missed dead last by 5 people. 
  I interpret this whole thing as the beginning of the end. Dan realized what we have all been telling him this entire time. We said he would plateu and he has (obvioulsy). He got his handicap as low as he possibly could (for the time being) and it's basically not changed in about a year now. His tournament scores suggest that his handicap is closer to what his first handicap was (several years ago).   He has basically stopped posting scores, his facebook updates and...
We'll cut the crap here. Based on Dan's early scores success (years ago) I said that he would be lucky to be a 4 at 5000 hours and he wouldn't be better than a 2 and the end of this thing. I was the first to try to illustrate to people just how much time he is spending on this. I'm using my 'scientific' understanding of this entire thing to make predictions. You are late to the game but lets hear it, what are yours?   (I've also provided graphs, charts, quotes etc.....
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