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I got tagged last year from real close range just below the elbow on the inside of my left arm. I was 20 yds in front and 20 yds to the back of a guy teeing off on a par three with his driver. As a walker, i wil lsometimes walk up the backside of a player, after all, how do you get hit when you are to the back of a players swing. Well, i'll tell you. Although a short hitter with a slow swing speed, in this instance my friend turned on the ball from overswinging, made...
This one covers my driver. Otto the Syracuse mascot
I'm all for an occasional practical joke during a fun round, but if there is money on the table or its part of a tourny, or if the joke might cause me to hurt myself, such as touching me during my swing or throwing something at me, or might damage my clubs, well, you better prepare yourself for an ass kicking as my response. Many years ago someone pulled the club between my leg while swinging routine on me and i jared my back badly as a result, was out of commission...
6 More weeks of tax season before i can even think of getting to the range.
Glad to hear you and the wife are ok, things can be replaced, people can't. Now, if your clubs are ok, can we bust up mine and throw em in the trunk??? I would love to pick up some new x-20's ;)
You sure this was about golf??
I warm up before each round if possible, maybe 20 balls. After my Saturday round i will usually hit the range for about 45 minute to work on something, usually iron play or wedge play on the pitching range. During the week, if time allows, i get in another 45 minute session at the range before playing in the afternoon. I try and always hit the driver a few times each session just cause its fun to boom em sometimes.
I watch the right side of the ball with my left eye until i see the green underneath.
These are the best i have heard as well, the first is a big problem for me. Another tidbit i picked up from watching Tiger is something he does when reading his line, cupping his hands around his eyes to shield the sun. Helps me to read the greens.
I hate the obviouse advice 'avoid the water' 'don't hit it short' 'keep your head down'. They drive me crazy.
New Posts  All Forums: