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My goals: 1- Get my handicap down to a 5.0. I started playing again last spring after a 4 year layoff. Went from a 12 to a 9.5 by the end of the year. Hoping another jump is in the cards this year. 2- Improve driving accuracy. Length is not a problem, but accuracy is. OBs and just all around bad drives kill my score. NoVa has a lot of tree lined courses that emphasize accuracy over length. 3- Get 3 putts dow to 1 per round. Probably average between 2 and 3...
There is a great new muni in Northern VA called Laurel Hills(Lorton, VA). Owned by Fairfax County parks assn. It was built on an old prison ground. Unfortunately it doesn't charge muni prices (89 bucks a pop). But it is worth it.
I am a Operations Researcher for a defense contractor. 33 years old and I live in the Washington DC metro area. I play a variety of courses in the area and on a couple of amatuer tours. My favorite course in the area is Laurel Hills in Lorton, VA. The best course I have ever played is Wolf Creek in Mesquite Nevada.
New Posts  All Forums: