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shots on command.      cool to watch when they show the pro's hit shots.     
look at an adjustable driver- most are that way now of course.     10.5 loft good to start with - since the new drivers are lower spinning machines these days..    may need an upgraded shaft - something a touch lower torque than the stock offerings..  3.9* for example..   for control purposes..    good options>  jetspeed by taylor made, ping G20, callaway x2hot coming out.   good forgiveness in these models and shaft upgrades nice also..   flex: regular and look at getting...
look at a set or half set and add on as the game progresses.   maybe not get a driver right off the bat.   4wd, #4 hybrid and 5-pw,sw  ,putter and that is it to start with..     look at adams for a good set and price..  solid clubs and as always look at getting a tune up from a pga pro to help the new process..  
thumbs up.. nice and easy to hit. possible shaft change.. unless you get the TP version..
go all ping brother... very very easy to hit.. 2nd choice R7's..
strong lofted irons... get the three pack-- you may need to tweak the 52 a tad but see how they play out. say 54 and than a 58.. get'em and work themout and see how you hit them. hybrids.. get a22* 1st.. see the distance hit and go from there. good advise- look at clubs one year old and great deals run amuck..
he played strong-- had a few hicups at the end but - came up with a dagger at the end... good golf to watch today..
good to see the old boy back.....
Liquid courage' on the 19th i have mine.. but i do play with a guy who will pop one in the car to the tee time.. nerves-jitters > call it what you will -- that is why brother...
you need a taper tip shaft. .355 tip diameter.. if you want the same feel as you have now- use a dynamic gold r300 and order the 8 iron shaft to put in. low cost fix.. any custom shop can do it for under $40
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