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Try the ping i10s. They are on sale now and are amazing irons. They've helped me out a lot. they let you get away with some bad swings, but they are by no means a hacker iron. they look like a tour iron and they offer feedback, but they are also forgiving.
that's what i thought at first, but look on ebay now, they have hundreds of the nike 5900 SQ Tour, so i thought this one would be similar. im going to check with my nike rep too. Keep the ideas coming. Nick
hey guys, sorry for not visiting for a long time, ive been really busy. anyways im in the market for a new driver,and i really like the New Dymo str8fit driver from nike. i like the traditional shaped head, but im my opinion the head is too big. i do not believe i need the forgiveness of the 460cc head and i like the idea of being able to hit a driver off the deck. the only anthony kim has is 380cc and is something i'd be really interested in. i searched ebay and came up...
no i should have claified, the white hot XG #5. Nick
does anyone know the head weight of the odyssey white hot #5 if the club is 34 inches. thanks guys, Nick
the nikes fit my feet good, they are a narrow cut and i have narrow feet so im pretty limited when it comes so shoes. if they're good enough for tiger, they're good enough for me
i am looking at buying at scotty cameron prototype putter, and i've found one on ebay that interests me. The only problem is this doesn't have a COA and i've never heard of a C-5 prototype before. Can anyone verify if this is legit? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ksid=p3907.m29
Taylormade is infamous for closing the faces of their metal woods, hybrids, and drivers, in an effort to promote a draw. This is definitely the case with this club, this is exactly why i prefer nike and ping hybrids, as they set up more squarely.
250 for my circle t studio stainless, and probably around 300 for my studio select squareback circle t. i got hookups with titleist.
i use a alignment tool to create a cross like alignment aid on my one black. i also place a black dot above the swoosh.
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