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BOOM BABY !!!! I felt that our players deserved a better Capt. Wow did this guy do a number.... Stone faced when we were winning...then it's all shits and giggles when we got our heads knocked off in the 3rd round matches...WTF??
I doubt it, he got beat by a Major Winner in McDowell. Probably trying to make too much happen with all teammates and eyes of the world looking at his chip shot. Euro's won it fair and square, I'm glad we sacked up and made it pretty damn exiciting at the finish. Good Ryder Cup, the Euro's played as a solid unit and played with class. But I still think our Captain sucked! I will take it back to when Pavin blatently ignored the fans and signing auto's at the...
Congrats to Corey Pavin...what a bang up job he did. He didn't look like he wanted to be there. I don't think he recovered from the early wardrobe malfunction. The "iron on" ryder cup sweater decal was a nice touch also. If he was trying to motivate the team by keeping them wet, cold, and looking like tools....it didn't work.
I have a cracked driver, no response emails from anyone at Nickent, none of the phone numbers work?
I don't fancy Rory's chances. This is his first RC, by the time he gets in the flow it will be over. Really....calling out a guy who isn't even on the team yet. Sort of like a pro football team saying...I bet we can score 40 points on your second team defense.
Well said. Kids are the victims in divorce, they did no wrong.
Phil's probably taking roids.
Pavin is the worst pick as a captain...USA loses. The guy has the personality of my 9 iron. Won't return Azingers calls and refused to sign autographs at this years transitions championship....way to fire up the fans Corey!
Yes...but Foley was wathcing him warm up yesterday. I think it will be half video camera - half Foley...with no official announcement in the next 6 months.
He looked a lot smoother...and trimmer. He's on his way back. Foley will be a part time coach for him. His swing looked very good...it was awful a month ago.
New Posts  All Forums: