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I was curious to see if anyone else on this forum has faced the same issues that I've been facing with this season. Every once in a while my grip on all of my irons feels a bit off at address. I get so uncomfortable that I start to focus too much on having a comfortable grip that it creeps into my shots and shot shape. I start wondering if its my glove, my ball position, or set-up. All mental blocks that suck my confidence meter to zero at the range or on course. It's...
I'd like to think I have a pretty consistent swing, but for some odd reason my 3 wood off the deck is like a crap shoot. Every other club in my bag I can hit with marked consistency, but my 3 wood is an entirely different story. Usually on mis-hits I know why the ball reacted the way it did and I can correct it on my next shot. The 3 wood, which I can hit around 240 yards when things go well just seems go away from me every so often. I'm talking about low worm burners,...
Wanted to know what everyone's thoughts were on skycaddie's soon to be released SGX model. What intrigued me was their smartclub technology where a tag is located on the grip end of each club, which is linked to your SGX gps system. Clubs left behind can notify the user that they should retrieve their club and the technology will also allow the user to log in the data to capture the the distance of each club to use without the need to manually log in your yardages. This...
used a golf gift certificate to hook myself up with a 20* and 23* i15 hybrids. imo, they are the best hybrids ping has ever made!
i agree with wrx_junki here... i've owned a 10.5* G10 with the TFC stock stiff shaft and also a 9* prolaunch red. i found the head to be relatively high launching, which is why i went with the lower trajectory shaft. the combo is a pretty solid one if you're looking to move your ball flight a bit lower.
The difference I noticed between my scotty and yes putter was that the scotty had a softer feel and the yes came off the head a bit hotter. Due to this, I use my scotty on sunny days and the yes on rainy/wet conditions. Overall, Yes putters are pretty sweet.
No... you really don't. I'll take socal weather over the 4 seasons here in the D.C. area anyday.
I personally think it's just good form to not take any mulligans and play by the rules. Taking an out of bound mulligan essentially puts you up for 2 strokes that you wouldn't count. Why disservice yourself from the truth?
i agree with most of the folks who've replied here. if you're that inconsistent with your driver (i.e. slice-city -> OB or really bad areas with no chance to go for the green) i would tee off with your hybrid and work on your driver at the range. it would certainly help to video tape both your driver and hybrid swings to see the differences. lessons of course would shorten the time for you to get on the right track and prevent you from engraining any bad habits.
Your wife is a keeper!
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