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As I understand it, square grooves are very effective at creating spin, too effective according to the powers that be.  A trend developed on the pro tours called bomb and gouge.  Players would bomb it from the tee with less regard for course management because landing in the rough was not the penalty it used to be.  The square grooved clubs could get the ball out easily while creating the backspin needed to stop it on the green.  Bomb it from the tee, gouge it out of the...
You play golf with your father-in-law, and you have the type of relationship where he txts you about stuff. That's pretty cool.
Buy him a 7-iron for Fathers Day.
I was at the golf range yesterday, and the dreaded shanks payed me a visit. I'm a fairly decent ball striker, and any inconsistency in my swing is typically duffing the ball, and I usually know what to do to fix that and it's commonly tension as the fault. Anyway, the shanks is not something I have a problem with, but it showed up and I could not figure out what was going on!!! It was windy that day so I was having a bit of problem with my setup, I never felt...
I have Airvue and I'm quite impressed with it's accurate readings. It defaults to Meters so make sure you change to yards. It is not full-featured, and I only use if for distance measurement, but for $9.95 you just can't beat it.
Perhaps "Confessions of a duffer" is more appropriate, most who have replied have handicaps that appear to be better than the definition of a hacker. Too true on the minigunning at the range post. I'm definitely that guy. Started getting to the point where I was fairly consistently shooting in the lower 90's and then breaking 90 a few times, and then the last couple of rounds were terrible, high 90's and then a 101. Playing conditions were terrible, but it was still...
Can't say no? So if a 300 pound woman with a beard asks him for sex he's going to do it? I obviously am going overboard with that question but I'm sure you get the point here. To me the person is unable, or unwilling more likely, to control a compulsion.
Addiction? What addiction are you talking about? The idea that you have a disease because you let your moral compass got out the window is such a load of garbage.
You may have just answered my question for me. I just realized in my last round I used my 3 iron twice for punching out and having to go under a branch.
I carry a 3 and 4 iron, the two most commonly replaced clubs with hybrids..... at least in my opinion. I shoot in the 90's, mostly because of my short game, but I still can hit a fat shot with the irons and put a drive in the woods. That is getting better, and I'm working on distance control on the short game. I recently purchased a 3 hybrid, but have not intended to pull the 3 iron from the bag. The hybrid will be used for shots out of the rough or handling a...
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