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I'll give Keegan a pass for now. Sergio was that way (maybe even worse) with his re-gripping 20+ times before each shot. Someone will get into Keegan's ear.
I might be in the minority, but I like her and her game.  It likely stems from meeting Pressel a few years ago at the Jamie Farr.  She was kind, courteous, and was chatty on the practice tee.  Different strokes for different folks.
I think it's more of an issue of him turning 36 (pertaining to his body) this December than anything else.  The clock is ticking now.  It wasn't in 2008, or seemingly not like today.
It's not his leg that's the problem, it's his swing.  If there's a ruse it's due to his choice to go through another swing change (which is the biggest mistake of his career) and he needs the injury to deflect from that... 
Over the top IMO, but whatever floats ANGC's boat.
I say Tiger betters his opening 71 today.
Ryan Moore  -12
      I didn't have the article in front of me and couldn't remember his exact response, but he did get into the reasons as to why he felt that way and it didn't end with "no, sorry."  I wasn't forming an opinion validating Rocco's comments, but merely pointing out Brandel isn't the only detractor in regards to Tiger's swing relative to what Foley is teaching.  Tiger has enjoyed incredible success with his prior two instructors, there isn't any reason to think further...
Brandel is not the only player/former player to have reservations regarding Tiger's current swing.  IIRC, Rocco Mediate didn't give a glowing endorsement in the March issue of GDigest of where Tiger's at now in regards to his swing.  I think the exact question was "Do you like what he's done with Sean Foley?"  Rocco's response:  "No, sorry." 
Perfect example of arguably the best team in hockey being decimated by injury, so the eventual NHL champ gets an asterisk next to their name at seasons end.  Shero did what he had to do however short-term the changes may be (Kovalev).  The concussion suffered by Crosby must be a hum-dinger to keep him out two months.
New Posts  All Forums: