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Are you a high ball hitter? What flex shaft do you play?
^^ used to do this... I'm the safety supervisor for an oil well servicing company now though.
I'm looking to purchase a Bettinardi putter. Would prefer a Studio 11 but am open to others.   Please no mallets or heel shafted models.   I live in Canada so you must be willing to ship to me. Please PM me with what you've got and how much you want for it, including shipping.   Thanks!
I recently purchased an Adams Super LS XTD driver. The Fubuki alpha 60 "X" flex is rated for 106+mph swing speeds. I average 110mph swing with my driver. I feel like the shaft is barely flexing for me and my shots are either a pull or a mild slice.   Why is this shaft playing too stiff for me?
Thanks guys, I appreciate the replies. The fracture description sounds very much like what I am going through so I will look into that further.
Was playing 2 weeks ago and first hole was a par 4. Second shot into the green was a pitching wedge and stuck it to about 10 feet, but my divot was deep and I hurt my right hand (I swing right handed). I saw the doctor and he told me that I probably pulled a tendon in my hand. He said time and ice would help. It's been over 2 weeks now though and it's just as bad as it was the day it happened. The pain is mostly in the top center of my hand but extends over to the pinky...
??? _____Anyone_____ ???
Well here is my dilemma folks: I am in need of a new cell phone and I am looking at the Samsung Instinct and the HTC Touch Diamond. Both phones are touch screen. When I get the new phone (at some point this month) I will be using it for photos, music, texting, GPS, web browsing [full HTML], and of course talking. I love to take my phone to the gym for my workouts because I have both my music and my phone in one and don't have to worry about missing either. I have...
About a week to be honest.
Yeah there are some decent other balls now but the Pro V1 and Pro V1x are still the "feeliest"/best balls.
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